Of a serious Sunday post (coz the friday post is a saturday post and as if anyone cares.)

I’m blaming this one with my Philosophy teacher though I am at fault too. I’m really at fault…

Do you know R.E.M.? They have this song, Losing my Religion and I think I am doing it.

Yes, this one is kinda serious…

I’m not proud with this one but I think I’ve lost my religion though I haven’t lost my faith yet. I still believe in God. I seldom do the rosary in the FX. And I’m constantly reminding myself to go to mass every Sundays.

And there are a lot of reasons where Mr. Devil steps in and tells me to not to go to the Sunday mass. It really sucks to be me.

I can say that the greatest hindrance is my work. I have this forty-eight hour on-call support and I really hate it when I go on-call because I have to be awake for two days (if I sleep, I won’t be able to wake up in case the phone rings.)

So, in case I go on confession, this is for sure included. Remember the Ten Commandments’ keep the Sabbath Day Holy? I’m not doing it. If you’re the bookish type, you’d probably say that, ‘Hey, I shouldn’t work during Sundays’ but it ain’t that. It just means that you should have a weekly reflection with God and a constant connection with him. And yes, a Sunday mass is important for a Catholic like me (I really grew up as a Catholic, I’ve always had a part during mass.)

And I’m deeply sorry with what I’m doing. I know I shouldn’t be broadcasting this but this is really bothering me. The funny thing is, we’re planning to sing come this December (probably one of the dawn masses), and that kicked me to go to mass again.

I know, I know, you’d probably say this is mababaw. For me, it isn’t, a commandment is a commandment.

I don’t want to say that, ‘I know God understands me.’ It is just the same as ignoring God and it is un-intelligent when you go and look for Him because you just need something. That must be ungrateful of me.

Oh well, I promise myself I am going to mass.


The Virgin Mary is in our house right now. One of the Parish heads changed the layout of the Litany of the Rosary and you’d really say they added a lot of things. I’m not complaining here, I’m just awed.


And I don’t like people who go to mass and they just go there because of some silly things.

One example is, ‘Yung pari kasi ayokong mag-homily’. C’mon, you didn’t go there for the priest. You went there because you want to talk to God.

Even though that the homily is just repeating, try to listen. You might learn something new.


I’m not being holier than though here, I’m also at fault. These are just my opinions.

And yes, I’m kinda serious…


~ by targrod on November 16, 2008.

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