Of some supposedly korni friday post.

Here I go again with some stupid idea.

Don’t we all just need some quick money scheme or something so sure that will help us lighten our financial problems? We have alcoholics anonymous. We have drug addicts anonymous. We even have sex addicts anonymous.

They are called rehabs or REHABilitation Senters for short.

We Filipinos are born as entrepreneurs. How about coming up with Gamers anonymous?

With the recent exponential number of computer gamers in the country, for sure parents will totally agree with this one, there should at least be some control or at least something that can help the gamers themselves since most of them are still studying (ergo, they’ll be forgetting their studies).

I’m sure this is feasible enough. Have you seen the number of computer shops in the Metro? My God, it grew like mushrooms for the past five years. Even kids as young as seven years old play from morning till midnight. Usually, the parents would just say, “at least alam ko kung nasan ang anak ko.” But do they know the implications for their children? Of course, there are a lot of problems that these computer games can provide (except the usual eye and hand coordination… but that is it.)

The services are purely simple. Put them in a room without anything that can remind them of computer games. Probably San Mig lights or Gin Pomelo or Mary Jane on the side… Wait… No MJ for them, that won’t let you make any profit. SMB mixed with water is enough. Dilute it and serve… cold of course.

Remember the story of the smart people where they started a barber business and one of their friends started a hat store. So the stores were side by side and the logic is whenever the haircut sucks, he’ll just go to the hat store to buy a hat (obviously) and hide the hair. But we all know you know this story already.

So (yun nga), imagine the number of computer shops in the metro (again), and start the gamers anonymous beside these shops and voila (!) instant money.


What a stoooopid idea. Why don’t we just cut the fingers and everything will be all right. Unless if the gamer loves to play Wii then that’s a different story; for sure, you don’t need this Gamers anonymous crap.

This is what uber-boredom gives.


~ by targrod on November 16, 2008.

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