Of today’s post dahil ang lousy sa bahay wala akong internet.

I’ve been really spending some stuff on movies lately. I’ve come full time with that 1001 (no, it’s 1000, no Titanic for me) movies before you die list. Well, maybe just for the meantime (teh priorities will change post December). And if you’re not into movies, then try other posts here in Multiply (aaayyy… hang taray.)

But before some old movie churva crap, I’ve currently seen two Stephen King movies and Cujo is a fascinating idea. Imagine a dog as cute as St. Bernard killing people due to rabies (naman diba). I swear this is terrifying if a kid watched this much more if that Beverly Hills Chiuaua (omg, I don’t know the spelling for this breed of dog. Who cares… I’m not here to join a spelling bee competition).

(so, ok na sa medyo bago… punta tayo sa luma… I’d probably mention some notable movies na tinablan ako. Meron kasing sikat like The Philadelphia Story pero nakornihan ako. Probably yung uber-bagal ng pacing ng movie… zzzz….)

I liked Meet me in St. Louis. This is a musical plus eye-candy love story. So, basically some of the movies we’re watching right now must be like this. A girl likes the boy next door. The boy next door liked her too. The funny thing in this movie is the kilig scenes. Despite its pagka-luma, you’d still be struck by her asking the guy, “Would you help me close all the lights in the house?” (e powtah naman… kalandi mong babae ka. Hindi mo na lang sabihin ng derecho dun sa guy na like mo sya. May nalalaman ka pang papatay-patay ng ilaw… syet.)

I didn’t really like Black Narcissus but it is thought provoking somehow. This is a story of nuns who lived in some Asian or Latin country was they were trying to extend their religion as the natives in that area believes in Hindu (I think). So, we have the “protagonist” here who is losing her faith in her religion as a nun. Eventually in the end, she lost her mind and you have to watch the film. (arudyosko. Pramis. Napakalanding madre. Sarap batukan. Buti hindi uso ang sex scene nung araw, kung hindi mapapa-kontrobersyal yan starring Noli De Castro as the voice-over)

So, they’re saying that the Bicycle Thief is, if not the first, one of the top ten movies of all time in movie history. I agree; the simplicity of the film can still be used from this day and age. The story goes that there’s this father whose bicycle was stolen and he looked for this bicycle all throughout the movie. In the end, there can only be one survivor… oops wrong genre and generation. I mean, in the end, Murphy’s Law came in. (syetters. Paksyet na syetters. Eto yung mga movies na maaawa ka na mababad trip ka na sasabihin mo, powtah meron bang ganitong kamalas na tao? Alam nyo yun. Yung parang gusto mong pumunta na lang sa movie at bilhan ng bisikleta yung mama. So kaka e.)

And one movie that was really interesting was Sullivan’s Travels. It is about a director who did an experiment. What he did was he wanted to live like a hobo and use it as a research for his next film. At first, he was saved by a lot of things but in the end it was different. He went amok with his bad luck and ended up in jail with some mix up with a mugger who mugged him. If you’re familiar with O Brother, Where Art Thou by the Cohen (is it Coen?) twins err brothers then they got it from the fictional book from this movie. (Hay. Ang tanga tanga nung director ditto. Wala lang. Napakayaman mo tapos wala kang back-up plan. Feeling mo, superman ka. E paano kung namatay ka sa katangahan mo? Stooopid!!! Syet, ongapala, idol ko na yung si Preston Sturges yung director, yata, nito. Pramis maganda tong Sullivan’s Travels. Nung una akala ko old-school sexy film. Kasi ba naman yung cover nung dvd, itsura nung babae sa Cool World. E naman diba, wag ganun. Ayun, in the end astigins pala yung movie. Pwede na kong tumambling.)


I’m renaming this blog to the entertainment channel…


~ by targrod on November 16, 2008.

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