Of some la lang… (shucks… eto na lang. joke sa leno… pulit surprise. haha. wala lang.)

Double standards sure suck. If you think you gels’ life is in hell, wait till you hear from us guys. We feel that downside of DS too. Like being a nurse, being a salesperson, and getting pregnant.

(uy joke yung getting pregnant na yun… pero yung downside naman dun sa babae, frowned upon pa din sya ng majority ng society. Pero ako, kung buntis ka… keber ko ba. I wub babies.)

(yon… keber… agen…)

You’ve probably heard of the movie, Disclosure. It is about a woman who has power over a man. And logically the guy was raped by the female boss (wait…tama ba yung movie na chinachabi ko? Anyhoo…) And DS comes in and tells that the guy is stupid enough for him to say that that is a rape.

But what if the guy really doesn’t want to do some sexual stuff with the female boss? I guess that is unfair for the guy even if it is funny, in a way (kung mangyari kaya sa inyo yan… you’d probably pray… sana kasing hot sya ni Demi Moore at hindi sana mukhang dem… oonyo.)

(so… eto na talaga ang point ko…)

(dito pa lang sya… hahaha)

What if us guys were being harassed by another man? Let’s say I was riding a bus and this guy (c’mon may mga homosexuals na nang-haharass as yun ang reality) beside me starts to do some unnecessary things.

Should I shout ‘rape’?

So, what should I really do? Should I say, “hoy tita, hindi tayo talo…”

Or stab him or punch him in the face…

Or change seats…

Or “accidentally” splash some liquid on him… and shout you’re nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat!

Or create a ruckus like singing my favorite Whitney Houston song with birit-ala-Charice…

Or stand up and fart…

Or should I touch his hand and tell him I love him and ask money from him because your grandfather is dead and you grandmother is celebrating her birthday and you need the money both for the burial and the birthday party.


Wala lang… parang walang sense ang mundo…


~ by targrod on November 18, 2008.

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