Of something pro-twilight.

I was able to finish the first four books of Twilight and in all honesty, I liked the middle part of the fourth book. I enjoyed it in all my sense or way or whatever this means (I don’t get myself most of the time.)

Ok. Spoilers are probably expected here, so I guess… well you know the drill.

I’ve been telling myself all along that I really should’ve been doing nothing lately. I went to read all four books and an extensive part of posting entries reacting to some of the saga’s salvo.

(commercial break: nakakasawa pala talaga tong boses ni Miley Cyrus. I listening to her album right now, yung may 7 things. Ewan. Nakakainis na ewan. I bet her bf would just say, ‘hey, would you just kiss me the whole day?’ Hehehehe… and I’d rather listen to Fran Drescher’s voice instead of this little girl’s.)

So, here’s what I liked about the book, the inter-twine-ing of Jacob in Bella’s life. Stupid and incredulous as it may seem but c’mon, were you even ever expecting that this will be the premise of Jacob in Bella’s life? Of course not.

A readily adored Twilight reader might say that this is the stupidest thing they heard of. Imprinting the daughter of Bella and all but isn’t it really stupid right at the start? Where a living human being wanted to be a vampire. Simple logic says that nature shouldn’t be overtaken ergo humans die. Just like animals and plants and the love between Karylle and Dingdong.

Now, here’s the what-went-wrong part. If you would read the first three books, you would’ve gotten the love bite of Bella and Edward. You could’ve felt the kilig moments and the ‘ang tanga tanga’ moments. And obviously, you’d still be expecting these kinds of moments in the fourth book. Apparently, it was not the case. It was a case of near X-men versus the brotherhood of evil mutants (as expressed by the person who owns the BD that I borrowed… and BD is not Benereal Disease. FYI)

Sadly though, I got sad with the last part. Nobody really died. I mean there was no war at all. No death (uy may magrereact. Pero kasalanan nya yun. Boba kasi sya. Bobba!!!) No climactic scenes such as Edward saving Bella or Kate saving Garrett (yihee… yan ang official love team ko sa Twilight). It was as if the author played it safe and maybe I was bitin with the almost every one dies ala Rowling expose.

In the end, the saga was leading on the story for children part rather than being mature. And that’s it. I can’t say more. Probably when there’s a new Twilight book with the words ‘NESSIE’ inscribed at the first page and telling her crap story.

And another semi-immortal being born, a one-fourth vampire, one-fourth human, and a halved shapeshifting non-children of the moon werewolf.

Well, I think you got my point na…


(syet. Yun lang.)

(ang hirap talaga siguro para sa isang writer ang magbigay ng good ending para sa kanyang story. Sabi nga ng hardcore na kasabihan “damn if you do, damn if you don’t”

pero ganun talaga. Kaya nga walang masyadong magandang movies ngayon kasi hindi na sila makaisip na malupet na ending. Kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng iba na the movie rocked at the beginning, dadalin pa din yan ng ending no matter how much crappy yung mga artista.)

(sige nga… pag pumunta ka sa sinehan ng patapos na yung movie. Ano ang makikita mo? Ending diba? Ano ang gagawin mo? Alangan naman magmukmok ka sa labas ng sinehan. You might as well watch it. at feeling ko walang point to… hahaha)

(syet-syet. Namiss ko yung emo ni bella. Nakakainis. Buti na lang sasagipin ako ng Stardust. Bwahahaha.)


~ by targrod on November 19, 2008.

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