Of nohhh.

If you’ve read the recent Philippine Star news regarding ‘Himala deserves Best Asian Film of All Time Award’, then you’d probably read it and hooray for you. Here’s a star and you can post in the star bulletin board. *showers you with home-made confetti out of old tabloid newspapers used as pambalot for tinapa*

Seriously, CNN did this one and I did some minor research in the Internet and found one related to this. The Asian entries were there but there were no winner. It just stated the best movies per country in Asia. And the Philippines is ignored despite our colorful cinema (probably the sure hardcore countries that out-bests us are India and China) and honestly, we can beat movies made by Asian and not-so-Asian countries (oh wait, we’ve been there already, hahaha. Stupid me.)

Now, as much as possible, I don’t want to have a ‘mental colony’ life (basta yung mga gawang Pinoy, laging panalo). I always believe that Filipinos (and not only us but the whole Eastern region) can be at par or even better with its Western counterparts. BUT I just don’t get it when Himala was chosen by CNN.

If you check the article, it says that Himala beat some of these movies. There’s Seven Samurai from Japan, Oldboy from Sokor, and Infernal Affairs from Hk/China. As a fan of Seven Samurai, I would really say that SS can beat Himala anytime (ang talo lang talaga ng SS yung bagal ng pacing nya, pero feat pa din yun nung time na yun. Marami na kong napanood na Kurosawa films kasi.)

(sabi nga ng nanay ko, she didn’t like Himala. Two things, Nora Aunor and Imee Marcos. And isn’t it funny na ganito yung movie. About deceit. IMHO, just what Imelda did… pero politics na to-its… tinatamad akong makipagtalastasan. Oh, and Sharonian si ermats e and vilmanian din daw sya. sabi nya. ako Pokwanian.)

Sadly though, I have no right to say these things. I haven’t seen any Lino Brocka or Ishmael Bernal in whole (I’m aching to see films made by us Pinoys. Buti pa si Quentin. Powtah, big deal yung mga movies na basis nya ang Pinoy cinema a. Cult films rule.). And I would probably say, ‘any Mike De Leon film na lang sana ang nasama dun sa best films’ (sidenote: if De Leon did see A Clockwork Orange then tanggal na dapat yung Batch ’81. Chet, puro contradiction na ko todits a.)

Despite my bad reaction and the known-fact with Pinoys’ ability to vote online I’m still proud with the article (hahaha… alam nyo bang kawawa ang CNN sa mga ganito. Hindi daw kasi hardcore film critics ang mga tao sa CNN kaya ang lame daw ng pagpili nila ng movies). Seeing a Pinoy film on top is still a proud moment… seriously.

And the MMFF is surely near. I do hope we Pinoys watch these films come December. We’re getting impressive movies lately (even that Lapid film or that Katas ng Saudi… err don’t watch the Katas ng Saudi. Yung Lapid film na lang, ang lufet sa effects e.) Expect me to watch the latest Escalera brothers film (don’t you miss Iskul Bukol?)


(dahil nakatutok lang ako sa mga movies ngayon, you’d probably see a lot of movie entries.)

And I do hope we get to build that Pinoy film library. Calling Sampaguita, LVN, and independents? I do hope we’re concerned with our culture…

(hindi ko pa napapanood ang Itim!!!! Dun ginawa yan sa tapat ng bahay namin sa Bulacan! Wahhhh!!!!)


~ by targrod on November 20, 2008.

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