Of something stoney hard should hit the important muscle.

Why are we watching what we are watching?

There are a lot of reasons why we watch a television show or a movie. Sometimes, it all pertains to the actor or the genre. (kasi si ganito or si ano yung artista or ewan) Even if that show or movie is in its suckiness extreme. (yung tipong dalawampu lang kayong nanonood sa sine sa second day of opening at tipong Friday night kayo nanood. Hello Spice World?)

As mentioned, probably from one of my previous posts. I watch The Big Bang Theory not just for the fun in their geeky nature but with their female protagonist, Katey Cuoco.

I watch Eat Bulaga when I see those wacky normal Filipinos get wild during the Sa Pula Sa Puti round. It is really funny if you see people jump around and taunt the other team, even if they lost that last round.

I watch WWE whenever I see the Great Khali in the ring. (sino si Great Khali, ang alam ko, kung napanood nyo yung The Longest Yard ni Adam Sandler at merong higante dun na hindi nag-iingles at humirit ng ‘I could’ve killed you’ or something in that sense e sya yun. Wrestler po sya, like most of the actors in that film.) It is really fun whenever the kiss cam erects from your tv screen. They get these “random” women in the audience and this big guy kisses the woman. The catch is that the woman is usually, unfathomable to the eye. It’s like making fun of ugly people without being obvious.

I watch TMZ because I want to know if these celebrities are still human and amused by the fact that every single thing can still be joked upon.

I watch Jeopardy and Game knb because trivia is wub. Obviously.

I watch The Mythbusters because these two buys really rock. Even the girl in that show is astig for me even if she’s not that desirable looking. And you can really learn things like if you shot nails out of a cannon, you’ll know that the target will get some damage he’ll never forget.

I always watch Tim Tayag’s On Foot whenever I catch it. The guy is funny (except for that episode in Sagada with another guy, man… they sucked in that episode). And I really wub watching the different sights and scenery in our country.


Of course, there are a dozen other shows that I watch but I’m just really too lazy to right them down right now. Here’s a text message I got instead:

Cellphone number: +639279936011

Text says: C kuya mo i2,plodan muna 2 ng 150,nwala kc ang cp at wallet q,ta2wgan q lng ang nkpulot bka skaling maiblik skin my mhlaga kc s wallet ko.

à I’m assuming an asshole card?

(natatakot tuloy ako. May kuya pala ako…)


(at paulit-ulit-ulit-ulit na ang sinusulat ko. Parang life. Parang ang sarap umiyak… uy emo… hahaha. yun lang.)


~ by targrod on November 22, 2008.

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