Of love lost and found.

It is really hard to lose someone. It is as if you lost one part of your life. It is as if you thought it was all good until you experience the very last of it. You won’t be able to do anything about it if ever that happens. You could just say… This is it.

Unfair as it may seem but it happens every time. Most of you could have experienced this one way or another. I just experienced it recently. It may not be that of a big factor in my life but I can still say that it has affected me one way or another.

Imagine the sleepless nights that I’m with you. Even if the reason is not valid, it’s fine. Even if you’re leaving me with unknown and not so unknown reasons, it’s fine. Even if there is something else and I just had to back down, it’s fine.

Here’s a little tribute that I can only give to you. Hey babes, through all the good times and bad times we’ve been, I can say that those are lasting and I do hope you won’t forget me wherever you go.

Farewell to you my friend. We’ll see each other again. Don’t cry cause it’s not the end of everything. I may be miles away. But here is where my heart will stay with you… my friend with you.

And there’s something more I want to tell you…

Before I let you go I want to say I love you. I hope that you’re listenin’ ‘coz it’s true baby. You’ll be forever in my heart and I know that no one else will do. So, before I let you go I want to say I love you.

This is probably the right time that I have to do this. I don’t count anything but I’ve probably spent thousands already… because you make my life complete… because I’m always looking for you amidst the problems that I had in my life.

I know saying goodbye suck but this is the very right time to do it.

It doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m so sorry if I found my new love. You may find me an a-hole but I do hope you understand. Relationships grow but you can’t follow my lead anymore. I know you’ll always be there for me though I’m not sure you’ll always be there forever. But I do hope you understand that I’m happy with the new life I’m having right now.

So, ms. Dial-up modem and a dozen or so internet cards. Goodbye.

Hello to my new friend, Pldtdsl.


Yeah. It is pathetic. I know. World Health Organization cares.


~ by targrod on November 23, 2008.

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