Of Saturday’s Conkon I.

I did my usual planned sick leave since I spent all my fifteen vacation leaves this year already (in my defense, most of it was used as they were really needed… siriusly. Uy, HP reference na kaagad.) It wasn’t really usual since I do sick leaves when I really don’t want to go to the office (I’m spoiled e…)

First half went to Php (or Philippine Peso for short, we also call it Hogwarts Philippines sometimes, pero sometimes lang a. Hogwarts Philippines. Ayan, hindi na sya sometimes. Hindi na pwedeng theme song yung kanta ni Briefney Sfeers.)

Our beloved DADAfrofessor (DADA is not really Defense Against the Dark Arts, it actually means madaldal or dada ng dada… hahaha. May magagalit. Whoo) Frances Sangil (grabe, alam nyo bang naging teacher to nung ka-block ko nung college? Hahaha. Yari na ko… whoo) invited some of the PHP members to a convention (wait… convention nga ba or symposium or gathering or brotherhood or fraternity… ano nga ulit yung tamang term?) entitled uhm… I forgot the title but it has something to do with a time turner (kapatid ni tina).

Just early in the morning, a-hole-ing is kicking in.

That girl holding the ‘HOGWARTS DLSU’ sign has been holding it up for minutes already. Isn’t it nice if you’re being Vip-ish early in the morning? (to the ladies who’d probably reading this, I’m sorry… Hahaha. I’m just plain bad) It ended when one of ours arrived and went to that table and informed that we’re here already. In our defense, there weren’t any Hogwarts Dlsu from what I remember. There’s Hogwarts Philippines and Dadaf’s Rowling class (hahaha. Hang taray.)

Convention started and first came Cherie’s paper presented in a U.S. convention (I swear I wasn’t listening, I do hope there’s someone here who can correct or clarify this one).

And ok… here goes… if you’re not a law student or a lawyer and / or not an HP fan-atic then you’d probably tell yourself ‘where the hell am I?’ IMHO, the paper won’t appeal for every one. (pero diba, if you read the book kahit papano interesting pa din yun? At tulad nga nung sabi ng kasama ko, ni hindi man lang sila nag-init. Well, in the end naman, you’ll still say na it was quite understandable pero I do think na nagpunta sila kasi required. That is a big boo for them).

(ang blurry, me sorry)

And one factor that it didn’t make a big hit is due to Cherie’s absence (ay grabe, ganyan ka na ba talaga ka-all high and mighty? Sabi mo pupunta ka pero hindi ka sumipot. Hindi na ba kami worthy na makita man lang ang presence mo? Bwahahahahahaha).

Next was Edwin’s talk on the different costume designs (tama ba?) in the HP movies. This time the crowd went wild err… the students livened up a little. (it was different this time. Nung pinakita ni Edwin yung mga first slides. Arudyosko, may mga fangirls bigla sa likod ko and eto tuloy yung nagbigay wonder sa kin na, ‘mga iha, nag-enroll ba talaga kayo dahil sa class or dahil fangirls lang talaga kayo. There’s nothing wrong with being a fangirl pero basta… there is.)

(so natapos yung talk, ganun pa din. Lively sila sa panghuhula sa mga pinahuhula sa kanila. Hahaha.)

After that we had an open forum. They asked us about PHP stuff and yeah, there weren’t any hardcore questions for us (in short, it felt like they were bored. Or they didn’t know what to ask or such. Or they simply didn’t care.) There wasn’t anyone in that room that stood out (in this case, yung bagong batch ng Rowling ang nire-refer ko. Since may mga hardcore na past students si Dadaf, sila na talaga yung mga sumagot nung ibang mga questions at naging design kami. Bwahahaha. Cute naman kami a.)

From what I heard, one of the PHP members commented that the convention might suck because the class might get bored and what happened was they defended themselves… and such and such… they shouldn’t have defended…

Though at the end of open forum they started to really raise hands (in short, sa huli nag-init).


Despite some small quirks, I still enjoyed the convention. Thanks Dadaf for the invite and the whole HP family for the company and to Bjie who is really game with all our hirits. So, here’s a tribute for the fifth house (should I post the picture? Hahaha.)

And I’m sorry-ish on why I wasn’t able to go with you guys in the afternoon. That was planned months ago. There’s still Needle the Nard and EOTF.


(at marami siguro ang nagtataka on why we are doing what we are doing. I mean, sasabihin nyo pa din naman in the end na ang HP pambata. Kasi bata yung bida. Naka-costume kayo, pambata pa din yan. Pero kanya-kanyang trip lang yan sa buhay diba. We do what we want to do. There are adults out there na matatawa kayo sa mga hobbies nila pero siguro may isa lang kayong nalilimutan sa lahat ng ito. Respect to a person’s likes or dislikes. Sige nga, when I say na hardcore fan ako ni Stephen King wala din naman kayong marereact diba? Ayun, different genres lang sya. Hindi na uso ngayon ang age sa mga bagay bagay. Yuck… hang drama. O dede ka na…)

(sensya na kung masungit ang post. inaantok na kow…)


~ by targrod on November 23, 2008.

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