Of bzzz…

So sometimes I just have to take a break from all those cult, film noir, and bubblegum movies. I need to take a break from all Oscar nominated, Oscar winner, and Oscar the grouch films.

(at eto mag-eexercise na ko. Pramis. Bibili ako ng bike sa darating na Pasko. Yung bmx syempre. Chong, bmx ang numero unong label ng mga sikat na sikat na bike. Nandyan din yung iba tulad ng Bike-ings na team sa NFL, yung pinatigas na baboy na Bike-on, tsaka yung peborit ko na gawa ng Freestyle, yung Bike-it ngayon ka lang. bwahahaha. Hang korni no…)

I am not really turning away from the television screen and the DVD player. Once in a while, I watch TV shows too. Foreign TV shows.

In line are famous and not so famous tv series…

As a horror lover, I’ve been religiously watching episodes of Masters of Horror (dalawang seasons sila. May toyo at knorr magic cubes). The first episode was really impressive. So, it was like this (uyy… I’m gonna make kwento.). There’s this girl who is kinda-tanga. She went slide slide on the road and she hit another car with no human people inside. Now, the episode works as a flashback type ala uhm… can’t think of anything that resembles a flashback eh… so, flashback enters and this girl met a guy who is a survivalist. And they went luvvy duvvy and eventually made a 100 and 1 babies.

The End.

(syempre joke lang sya…) Continuing on… the guy that this girl met taught her basic and uber advanced survival skills. The guy liked the girl because she has potentiometer err potential in what he wants her to be (he wants her to be like Darna.) Turning off the flashback, the girl then sees a big scary guy and it seems that he is a hunter of human people. He kills them by drilling a drill (duh) on the victim’s eye and sucks the blood on the eye socket using a straw (ay… wala yung eye socket at straw. Naisip ko lang kasi yung fizz drink ng mcdo e.)

Mainly, the episode gives a flashback that is helpful for the girl and the girl then uses the words of wisdom of her guy and eventually she made it through the episode by killing the monster. The best part is the plot twist. I won’t spoil this one but it involves strawberries and fondue. (hahaha.. ano daw?)

Then, I got episodes of Beavis and Butthead. But we all know who they are, right? They made a real life movie. It was entitled Good Will Hunting (and they were also in Dogma).

Dogma = A dog who doesn’t care.

Lastly, I’ve enjoyed watching this series in Jacktv. It’s entitled The Big Bang Theory. It is purely a geeky type of show. If you’re not familiar with the Doppler Effect and Stephen Hawking then I suggest that you watch One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl or Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko instead.

Honestly, I’m watching the series due to Katey Cuoco. Dang, am I not that geeky enough?

I do love the cool guy though. He’s so cool I wanna merry him.

(this is probably the third BBT I’ve made. So what bundat.)


Yey. Rain.


~ by targrod on November 24, 2008.

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