Of a uhm…

Funny comedians are really hard to find nowadays. If you were the comedian, it would be really hard for you if the public doesn’t like you anymore. The closest you can do is to reinvent yourself. But if you’re really funny then it’s good for you. Funny comedians are really rare.

Now, if you know that you’ve been funny or if you’re funny once in a while you’ll just end up having starry eyed listeners and you’d probably end up what a couple with unplanned pregnancy due to pre-marital sex… panic.

And in cases like this, your jokes will end up being pilit since you’ve already told yourself that being a comedian will be your blood, sweat, and tears and you’d probably end up being a beggar. You’re not funny anymore. We cannot do anything about it and you’ll probably have to use your one-liner over and over again and yeah, you suck.

I guess we are clear about that one already; those comedians in general know and feel if they are funny or not. In fact, comedians’ IQ is really high (well, most of them) since it really is hard to make people laugh. You need somekindamalupet na brain to really get every one’s funny bone and bulalo bone.

The funny thing is these intelligent comedians doesn’t even think that they are that funny. But they just try and try and if they get a positive result from the audience then that’s astig and good.

I don’t want to be an asshole here but since he claims himself to be considered a public figure then you might have heard of Stanley Chi.

Who the hell is Stanley Chi (if you are this person and if you’re reading this right now, this is an awakener for you sir)? He claims that he is a stand-up comedian and a comic artist in one.

Let’s tackle the comics first. The title is Chopstix and it is about a Chinese family and it revolves around their every day what not… and they are supposedly funny. Sadly… No. I really thought that that comic compilation is just a waste of money for me (just like some other compilations that think they are really funny but they are not, I’m not going to name that you are but you know you’re not funny. C’mon, go to the nearest bookstore and ask for you compilation, if he/she goes back with a lot of books then I guess everything is answered. Of course the factor in this is if you’ve just released your compilation.)

Then how about his stand-up routine? From what I’ve gathered he was interviewed by a GMA-7 reporter and in Jojo A’s show. And the person whom I asked regarding on what were the reactions of the interviewers, they just gave a polite ‘hehe’.

C’mon man, accept reality. Accept life. You are not funny.

Placing something inside your nose (probably a ballpen) with blood running down while dancing the monkey dance and people are actually throwing tomatoes (teka!!! Tomatos dapat… hahaha) at you then that would probably be funny.


(hahaha. Yuck…kritiko ako bigla ngayon. Hahaha. Hindi bagay. Pero totoo naman nasayang yung binili ko sa kanya. Dinaan na lang sa pa-sign. Pero pramis talaga. Hindi sya nakakatawa. Tsaka paano sya nakakapunta sa tv? I mean ganun kalakas ang powers nya? E baka naman ang nagsasabi lang nakakatawa sya yung asawa nya. Debah? And napunta na din pala sya sa brewrats… potah. May blog sya. Babasahin ko to in the future. Sana matawa ako… nakakadepress kasi.)


~ by targrod on November 25, 2008.

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