Of phlegming II… hahaha joke or Of a fangirl.

I know how it feels like to be a fan girl or a fan boy.

Just the other day some friends and I went out for some donuts at the Fort (thank you danes for the wubwy donuts). We were, of course, minding our business when my eye caught someone vewwwwyy familiar.

Oh my God, it’s Raimund Marasigan with his wife.

I didn’t know what to do during the time that I was in my fangirl moment. Have you had the feeling that you want to do something but you’re preoccupied with all those things in your head and you can’t really control yourself on what you would want to do?

I was in a sitting position that time and I didn’t know if I’m going to stand up or stay in my current position. I eventually ended up doing both and as my friend teasingly tells me, “Chong, kuma-cow girl ka a.”

I didn’t know that it was really hard to get something from your “idol”. At first, my companions told me to go there and take a picture with them. But I told them I’d just get the autograph and here it is:

They were asking me then on why I didn’t opt to let them write it on the bookmark. The answer was fairly simple:


(Buti na lang sa High Street medyo walang pakelam ang mga tao. Kung nasa somewhere more public kami, sobrang nakakahiya yung nangyari. Pero carry na din. That’s one churva for my E-heads memorabilia.)

(E bakit naman kasi may HSM3 na bookmark ka pa? E pinagpilian ko yan. Tatlo yung bookmarks ko. Yung isa yung bookmark ng Sponge Cola tapos yung isa bookmark ni Edu Manzano.)


And the funny thing is I was able to do this one ten years ago without any hesitations…


~ by targrod on November 27, 2008.

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