Of let’s sing merry xmas.

Christmas is berrrry near. And since we are in the Philippines we have this long running tradition for us Pinoys that we never fail to do and we usually wait for this one whole yearlong.

I’m talking about the film fest. (akala nyo Noche Buena or caroling or simbang gabi no?)

Just this early some movies are really starting to be noticed. I’ve searched far and wide (actually dalawang website lang pero ni-summarize ko na para cute) on information and here’s what I got. The list of movies is: (there are only eight actually. Medyo kaunti sya compared to last year yata… not sure din kung dadami pa sya…)

One Night Only – I got no information on this one. This is probably the movie that will be shown for one night (hindi poide ang araw… one night only nga e. hahaha. Ang korni. Lugi to for sure.)

Magkaibigan – This is a movie by Jose Javier Reyes (which is good!) and one of the actors is Jinggoy Estrada (anakngpotahnaman. Sapakan na lang).

Ang Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat – Probably a sequel by Ai Ai DelasAlas. I’d probably watch this… probably.

Desperadas 2 – And we have another sequel. I just don’t like Ruffa Gutierrez, which is why I might not watch this one.

Baler – found in imdb, “Manager Wenn V. Deramas pulled out his talent, Deejay Durano, from the production for alleged unfair treatment. Deramas said Deejay was hired as supporting actor, but he was only used as extra. Wenn said they accepted the Baler project despite the minimal talent fee, believing that Deejay would have a good role. Also for 10 straight days, Deejay’s call time was 7 a.m., yet the actor had to wait for 10 hours for his take, the manager/director claimed. Wenn said he had to sacrifice the filming of Tanging Ina ninyong lahat, Ang (2008) due to Deejay’s absence for the filming of Baler.” (o diba naman, ang arte ng starlet. Hahaha. Kung gusto nya ng madaling trabaho. Pumunta sya sa harap ng building namin at magbenta sya ng sigarilyo at hindi na nya kailangang mag-artista. Sumasakit ang ulo sa ko sa kanya.)

Dayo – this is animated and imdb says, “”Dayo” follows the adventure of 11-year-old Bubuy as he tries to save his grandparents who have been abducted and brought to Elementalia, a mysterious and magical land that is home to popular creatures of Philippine mythology.”

Shake, Rattle & Roll X – I’m gonna watch this one and some imdb info, “Eugene Domingo was originally tapped to lead the Nieves segment, as she was the personal choice of director Mike Tuviera. But a misunderstanding between Eugene’s manager Ricky Gallardo and producer Lily Y. Monteverde over alleged talent fee prompted the actress to pull out from the project. With this, Monteverde banned Eugene from her production, thus she was also pulled out from her other Regal project, Desperadas 2 (2008).” (odiba naman hang taray nito. Pero hindi pa ganun kalakas ang impact nito regarding sa drama this coming Christmas at mas malupit yung siguradong papanoorin ko na isusulat ko na…)

(eto na… waits lang…)

Iskul Bukol: 20 years after – Oh my God!!! It’s true! The Escalera brothers are back though I’m wishing this were not the last time. But wait, there’s more. Two Imdb inputs. “Writer Bibeth Orteza said she initially wanted to include in the story line all the main and regular supporting characters in the original TV series. However, some actors in the original TV series could no longer be contacted.”

Sadly, Ms. Joey Albert is not in the Philippines right now. She’s in Vancouver, Canada. And I think Mang Temi is dead. Sadness…

And one of the real buzz in the film is this one, “Lead actors Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon contributed for the P120,000 bail needed for the temporary liberty of actor Richie Richie De Horsie, then jailed for a drug-related case at the Quezon provincial jail, so he could be in the movie. During the first few weeks of the shooting, Richie lived at the APT office since he has no house nor family when he was released in jail.”

(syet. Nakakaiyak naman diba. From what I heard, si Vic daw talaga umiyak nung ginawa nila ito. Pramis, manonood ako pag pinalabas to.)


I got the Iskul Bukol information from my mom. I just extended my research and it was really funny that my mom and I were all into it. Like it was all a big deal and my dad were mocking at us. Oh well, gen gap.


And The Evil Dead fourth is expected for next year too! FTW (f**k the what) Sam Raimi!


~ by targrod on November 28, 2008.

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