Of another zzzz.

I’m blaming Jacktv for this one…

I’ve always been fond of a torpe or a loser movie. I may not know on which movie it had started from but in my existence it all started with the movie Can’t Hardly Wait.

Basically it is a movie of a torpe guy who has a big crush to Jennifer Wub Hewitt. It all happens in one night where the movie doesn’t really just revolve between the two people and instead for the whole high school batch, their hayskul batch of course. As I’ve said, we have this torpe guy who’s kinda stalking his dreamgirl and after some personal drama and more drama in the end (but dees eez a comedy) the guy gets the girl.

The fucking torpe guy gets the girl.

There are other movies that falls into this genre. There’s American Pie (the first one of course) and Loser. Making the guy who led on the said films, for me, used to be the epitome of a torpe guy (oh, you just have to watch Loser.) And of course it transferred to Venom err the guy in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.

Probably, the list is endless but those are the films that I can remember where the guy really sucked.

Bitterness aside (hahaha. Wala nang magtatanong kung bakit. Manood na lang kayo ng Twilight) I think we guys have something inside that says that we are all torpe in our very own way. It doesn’t really disappear even if the guy or boy survived a relationship with the opposite sex.

This is contradicting but it also seizes to exist gradually when the guy or boy had survived a relationship or if he had achieved an amount of achievement.

(teka… this is getting serious na. boo.)

These are purely my opinion… Bwahahaha.


Now, if you think being torpe is hard and unfuzzy (ano daw), having a relationship with a real human being is harder.

Hard and unfuzzy? It feels something in a Kris Kringle sense…


Hahaha. I can’t seem to say something about the topic.

Torpe is fun.

Torpe is neurotic.

Torpe is stalkership.

Torpe is wub.

Torpe is loyal (twu owenge).


~ by targrod on December 1, 2008.

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