Of churva lang.

I was watching Leno’s show the other day and he was talking about the car industry in the U.S. I think he was talking to an economist or a highly-opinionated person about the issue. And they were probably talking about the part that they should buy their own stuff.

Hypothetically I should have heard everything right…

They mentioned there that Americans should buy stuff from their own country. They mentioned the crap that they were getting from China and I think they were right in some points. China have (me thinks) two strikes for now. There’re the lead-based toys and who can forget the melamine scare (sana diba naging melamine marquez na lang at ang kanyang scary English).

And I just told myself, win the for (kabaligtaran yan ng FTW… pero syempre what the fuck yung gusto kong sabihin, nanggugulo lang). That is an extreme case of Hasty Generalization. What happened with dear globalization, my dearies? Are you saying that all products coming from America are really winners? C’mon.

Even BPO (It’s Bangko central ng Pilipinas Organization or simply Business Process Outsourcing) are in trouble. Last time I heard, (ayan na naman, narinig mo na naman. Siya siya maghahanap ako ng source. Pakyu ka) the president-elect wants the BPO jobs for the American people (e dyosko naman. Isang Kano na may sweldo equals sa apat sigurong Asian counterpart. Maganda na yung quality ng serive, minsan mas maganda pa.)

To those people who can’t understand what I’m trying to say (kasi engot ka lang talaga), here’s my salitang-kanto explanation: Kunwari yung nanay mo nagbebenta ng brip sa labas ng eskwelahan mo. Tapos marami syang katunggali na nagbebenta din ng brip. Tapos, may nag-wedgie sa yo. E san ka pa ba bibili ng brip? Sa ibang tao? Syempre sa nanay mo na. Pero syempre ang oa naman, nanay mo. Sabihin na lang natin na kaibigan mo. Tapos yung kaibigan mong yun madalas kang ilibre ng kikiam.

If you’ve seen the movie Sicko then you’d probably understand my point (na walang patutunguhan). It is a movie about insurance companies and these companies are just raking in millions. The funny thing is they are usually looking for loopholes not to grant your insurance ergo the insurance companies are just gaining and that’s it.

Remember the story about some insurance company before the bail-out (tama ba ang word?) went out to give the bonuses of the bosses and they went out on vacation somewhere in the Pacific or Hawaii. And then after that the Wall-e crashes… err… Wall Street nga pala.

Imho, it is America’s fault. A follow-up on the movie Sicko tells every one that Canada has a kick-ass insurance and if you go to U.K., they have a better insurance and at the same time they don’t get bankrupt.

I know this is kind of mixed-up for me and should’ve been divided to two things but I can just say that we are reaping with what happened to the U.S., almost everyone’s depending on them and I just can’t take the fact there had been massive (uy… hindi naman) lay-offs from companies in Asia.


(hahaha. Wala lang yan. Hindi naman ako ganun ka well-informed sa economy ng America. One-sided view lang yan. Ang makelam sa drama ko, magpapabinyag kay Mahal at Vern Troyer.)

(…at kaya nga hypothetical e. gusto ko lang talagang mahirit yung brip story ko.)

I almost forgot this one; me heard that the Bush Administration spent all the reserved money (parang may mali at kulang dito, keber lang) to the Middle East war (It’s Iraq diba?) including the savings made by the Clinton Administration and right now Obama’s economic team is composed of Clinton-ites.

(hahaha. Wala lang. Hindi ko alam kung kakayanin ko ang foreign political debate. Hindi ako well-informed dun. Usapang Tmz na lang!)


~ by targrod on December 3, 2008.

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