Of triple zs.

It has been months since I met this beautiful lady and I guess it is time for me to finally settle down and make my mom happy with the little children that’ll probably running around the house.

I’m sure you’re surprised with what I’ve written and obviously its all lies. I haven’t met a beautiful lady at all. There are no beautiful ladies in this planet because I’m the most beautiful of them all since I own the witches’ mirror whom we say to it, ‘Who’s the fairest of them all?’

Of course it is not Sharon Cuneta, she’s a super fairest.

I’ve noticed this among us readers and browsers. One of the greatest things that the writer can give to the people is the right title. If you’ve written what you think is the goddamn best novel or letter or a simple write up and you mix it up with a used title or a title wherein no one will understand, chances are, your thoughts will be placed inside the box…

…with the mime. (wait… parang gusto ko bigla ng mami… anyhoo…)

Maybe you’re expecting something in this post. Nope. Nothing.

This is one of those posts that lack depth and understanding. Just like our future, it doesn’t go anywhere.

When you say you think you know where you’re going and the unexpected happens, what are you going to do? Are you really prepared with such s**t?

In the end, you’d always and probably say that life is crappy because one day in your life or most days of your life, you say, “life is crappy and it will never be happy coz I’m not that bubbly, my gad my nose is stuffy”.


Random. Random. What rhymes with random?


I have a little story. I have a friend who really gives us bitin stories (such as this one) and instead of us irked and all we just laugh at his stories. Sample of it is:

Telling this story to a small group, “uy, alam nyo ba may ka-officemate ako na color blue yung mata.” We would then ask, “o tapos?” And he’ll proudly say, “Wala lang. Yun lang ang gusto kong sabihin.”


~ by targrod on December 4, 2008.

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