Of some chorny raves.

Image time…

These are probably my simple raves for the past week or so. I’ve been buying some thing(s) or two… here, there, and everywhere. I hate it somehow. Imagine, Christmas without any money. What if something comes up like a Pen Pen De Sarapen collectible or a film roll of Virgin People by clean-looking Celso Ad Castillo.

Forgive the references, I just read Arre’s Martial Law Babies… Thank God no tears came out.

It is finally released, after waiting for… uhm… years? Months?

After book 7 came out, it felt that the Potter mania is over. Despite three more movies for us (ay powtah, walang makikipagdebate kung baket tatlo pang movies at bakit hindi dalawa? Ang rason kasi kaya tatlo, kasi I wub you yun) Potterholics, I’m feeling that the uber-excitement is not as much as before… but it is all cool.

Despite me saying these; I still went to the midnight release of Beedle The Bard.

And I thought I was the dying fan. (hindi pala) Moi and some friends (probably around eight people, all members of Hogwarts Philippines) went there and found ourselves at the start of the line… if ever there was one.

And about the book… Hhhmmm. It’s all right. I’m not a Rowling scholar or anything but it seems that the book is childish and adult at the same time.

Or maybe that’s just me.

(as in come on man, ang mga images sa book. Hardcore. Makikita mo sa mga tattoo ng mga death metal songers. Quoting manix, “rakenrol!!!!”)


A boyfriend of mine shared the Internet-based “movie”, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. As you can see, Neil Patrick Harris is the anti-hero (yes, anti-hero sya) for this one.

It is a refreshing view on superheroes as Mr. Harris is a villain in this film and it is about his life (errr… part of his life nga lang pala. At kaya puro sya, kasi blog nga diba yung title. Go, check nyo ulit yung title… may blog.)

So, you think that’s amusing? Think again…

(syempre silence continues. May nagthi-think ba nagbabasa? Aaayyy… adik pag kumontra ka.)

But wait there’s more… this film is a musical…


The next two are graphic novels (or sosyal na komiks), if you’re not a fan… (e di hindi.)

Here’s Trese by Budjette Tan and another guy I can’t remember… sorry. This is a story about the bida, Trese, who captures elementals and other supernatural beings Pinoy style. With her two semi-supernatural bodyguards, they’ll roam the streets and fight the kalaban.

De En.

Seriously, I’m still at awe with the storyline (I’m not a fan of drawing and stuff… pero poide na din sa kin. Pero wala nga lang impact talaga) and hoping to see more of this in the future. Currently, they have two Trese compilations out in the market (this started in the Internet btw imho decs wwf wtf…) and they are both good. Though, a big time graphic novel would be nice (bitin ang short stories sa komiks e.)

The image above is part of a whole image. (chong, excerpt ang tawag dyan, wala ka kasing makitang image sa Internet nung MLB e.) The whole image is part of what you see in the website and… yeah, I’m stopping. I eez stoopid na.

Anyhoo, it is an excerpt from Arnold Arre’s Martial Law Babies. I can only say one word.


(pero honestly nadepress ako sa takbo ng story, muntikan na kong maiyak. Lecheng storyline naman kasi yan… pero wiener pa din naman yung novel.)


And I just found out that the stupid gmail themes can be accessed with Firefox, instead of your usual stupid InternetExplorerSixPointO (bwahahaha. Old school to-its. Kung pwede pa nga yung Netscape Navigator/Communicator, papatulan ko yun e.)

Anyhoo, the moment I found the theme above, I instantly fell in love with it. It is as if I’ve been living with that image for two years already.

And yeah, its work related. I stare in something that is black and green all day.

(African American guy ba yan na naka bikini na neon na green? Pwede!!!!!!)

~ by targrod on December 5, 2008.

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