Of some minor Xmas drama.

This one is silly and there’s no point in telling this. Though, I just find it interesting if we have been living in “those” days.

We always say that we’re not lucky enough and shit this year but are we really not THAT lucky? Besides, luck is doesn’t drop to every one. In order for luck to happen, you must believe in it (just like Santa Claus, the reindeers, the elves, the North Pole and the South Pole. Odiba, may South Pole na, dyan dinadala yung mga bad boys and girls at pinanonood sila dyan ng mga bad telenovelas ng mahabang panahon.)

Actually, we all are lucky right now despite the U.S. recession (first part yan, yung second part luncheon. Yun o, ayawan na), the still-high-priced-bilihin-despite-gas-prices-have-lowered-for-ten-pesos-already, and stuck with Eva Fonda (Kristine Reyes… yuck, poide ba.)

I’m still thanking Manny win though, that is probably the best news for this year and probably next year will suck regarding this guy. Two points: politics and running mate Ara Mina (sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, yung mag-utol e magkasunod na na-mention sa dalawang paragraph, moving on…)

To go directly to what I’m trying to say here, we are all lucky right now. Looking back at the time of our ancestors who celebrate Christmas, have you thought about the time that they were in?

The greatest example for this is World War II in the Philippines, I can’t seem to imagine that we were celebrating Christmas in the hands of the Japanese (sana uso na noon ang anime noh? Para at least yung mga Hapon, eto na lang yung pinapanood sa tin na walang kinalamang matino sa mga pinagsasabi ko. Sabi ko seryoso usapan. Ano beh????)

Caroling wouldn’t be allowed. I’m not sure if Catholicism were retained during those times. I’m not even sure if there was a ceasefire of some sort too.

Fast forward to the Martial Law era, remember curfews? Imagine Christmas where you celebrate it probably during the day with no nigh-outs or overnights or whatnots at bars and other places where you can spend time until the wee hours of the morning (I have yet to ask this one to my momma if this was really the case, as I can only remember the time when she celebrated her 18th birthday in a hotel where they can’t get out unless the curfew was probably finished in the morning.)

I still feel somehow sad (probably dala ito nung movie na The Pianist) that’s why I posted this one. We all just have to be optimistic this Christmas.

Because we are all lucky

Yes we are…


I’m tuning in to Jo Boxers Just Got Lucky…

And Ate Vi.


~ by targrod on December 9, 2008.

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