Of some scroogie time.

I’m annoyed with what’s happening this month.

I still haven’t received my mandatory 13th month pay. We are expecting that one this week, probably it should coincide with the a-15 salary. Year after year, our company enjoys this type of scheme. Why can’t they follow other companies wherein they give it as early as November?

(in short, sinasagad talaga nila. Stupid liquidation, I’ll liquidate your asses.)


And since this is the case, I still have no gifts for anyone yet. Hooray for me still…

…until I get the pay.

Christmas season is the only month where I really don’t want to go out. I hate crowds.

I’d probably buy gifts the moment the mall opens.

I hate claustrophobia.


I am also annoyed with today’s carolers. I just can’t believe that they start at December 1 (much worse pa nga last year, kasi talagang ang hardcore na kaagad ng mga bata. Buti ngayon medyo pailan-ilan na lang.)

When I was young, I do carol errr… caroling too. We always start at the date of the beginning of the dawn mass (probably dec 15 or 16) and end at the 24th (usually we don’t do this since we start the Noche Buena early.)

And when we sing on (or across) a house, we sing with our hearts out and sing until we get the usual “patawad” or if the generous house gives us a hefty sum of two pesos. (hindi tulad ngayon na kakanta ng samaybahay at pagkatapos nun, magiging demanding yung mga bata. Parang utang na loob mo ang magbigay. In short, nawawala na ang real meaning ng pagkakaroling.)


Since there are only three of us in the household, we’re just planning a takeout pasta, a fruit salad (with real fruits, mag-gogrocery ako), and probably champagne or any alcoholic beverage is fine.

(oh yes, masaya sa household naming pag Pasko. Hahaha. Dinadaan na lang naming sa videoke.)


The Christmas bug hasn’t bitten me yet though I have a few Christmas movies I want to watch this Christmas.

The list is: Home Alone 1 and 2, Love Actually, The Grinch, and Jingle All The Way.

Yeah, lame movies… I know.


Yeah… Hooray…

*feels like I’m becoming pathetic each year*


~ by targrod on December 9, 2008.

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