Of another work-related entry.

(I’m not sure if I’ve posted this already…)

I’ve always hated the idea of time regarding work hours…

Okay iho, hate is a big word. Let’s compromise. If we increase your salary by five digits and we’ll throw in some car plan and your usual fringe bullshit, will you consider in changing the word to love?

Sure, we have to sign up on that one though.

I’ve always loved the idea of time regarding work hours…

Seriously, there are a lot of stresses that are not related to work. One of which is time. I’m sure we all hate to go to work on Mondays and we hate to go to work at 9 or 8 or 7 in the morning. We all hate traffic (most of the call center people must be rejoicing anytime by now…)

I’m in the IT industry and many times we can fool our companies. Though we always have a defense for that one and we can always say that we’re working more than what we usually do and this is the only pamper that we need to have, to have our own time, to work whenever we want to, etc. But we’re all honest employees and we just don’t do this (bwahahaha).

I won’t divulge here on what I’m currently doing (every time I share my story, I usually receive, “putangina, wala bang opening sa office nyo?”)

I admit though that time had always been a disaster for me (save it for my first job wherein I was really really early every day). I used to work somewhere in Morato and I go to work from Cainta everyday (So, I guess it’s really valid for me to go to work late?) But wait there’s more, all the employees in our department changes the time in the timecard so that we would still get the exact salary every payday (I don’t do this right now, I’m doing a different scheme).

Sometimes I lose that push when it comes to work… I’m not saying I’m not enjoying it; you just have to rest sometimes.


And the thing that’s really hard is fulfilling all your requirements whenever you apply for work.

I don’t like my name. Every time I get an NBI clearance, I have to go to the NBI main office just to get a piece of paper with an ugly picture. (kasi because may kapangalan ako. Mabuhay ang mga walang kapangalan! Tulad ni Teodoro Agoncillo at ni Ikabupini Manicura.) And me think the new NBI main office is like finding the pink M&M in the M&M bag. (ang bagong opisina nila ay makikita dun sa gilid ng simbahan ng Quiapo. Basta, may isang building dun. Good luck sa paghahanap.)

I also don’t like it whenever the company gets your police clearance. What the fuck! (talaga) The problem with this one is they are not government employees. They just get some stupid third party company to service for them and then these idiots would be so disrespectful to you despite the fact that you paid them with your own money (or your parent’s money. It doesn’t matter).

And there’s the Barangay Clearance too. They’ll usually ask you if you have the Voter’s ID. Whatthepakingtapetalaga. (buti na lang may kilala kami sa Barangay at napo-prove namin na taga dun talaga kami.)


Now, if all of these companies or these government offices could come up with just one paper for all of these then that would be absolutely great.

We all need to work and we don’t have to use two or three leaves just to take some papers you need for your requirements.


(Hahaha. Wala lang. Naiisip ko na kasi pag umalis ako sa present company ko. Eto na naman ang gagawin ko. I swear every one has our own delightful story regarding our government.)

And this is a fairly kinda serious moment. (malapit na ang Lent e.)


~ by targrod on December 10, 2008.

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