Of some emoness this xmas.

I eez thanking my workplace for keeping me busy and tired this month; I needz some preoccupation from the lonely word of boredom and some other stuff not worth mentioning (becoz ish Christmas and we don’t need to hear any sob story. Who wants a depressing Christmas, taas ang kamay?) Listing down some useless tasks that I’ll be doing for the upcoming days or weks… wek wek wek.

I am supposedly busy at work. I’m trying (yes, read: trying) to help with the team’s Christmas presentation (ako yung choreo kuno. As if naman marunong akong sumayaw or churva. Nagdadasal lang naman ako na yung team lang naming ang magpeperform para sa min ang moolah. Bwahahaha!)

I am the program head for the company’s Christmas party next week. I’m not entirely sure if everything’s ok; probably next week when people would start cramming about everything. Oh God, don’t include me in that mess. (Isa pang bwahaha. Wala silang mapiling tao, kaya oi poide na yan. Bwahahaha.)

Next week, I’ll be an instructor with one of the trainees’ subjects. (medyo loser naman yung subject e. tsaka wala akong kwentang magturo kasi ang angas angas kong magturo, “So, bale itong JCL yung pinakawalang kwenta nyong subject sa mainframe. Kasi walang nakakaintindi masyado nito. BWAHAHAHAHA. Hindi pa ko tinatablan ng katamaran sa teaching chuva na yan”)

There’s also the real work but that is soooo blah. I’d rather watch movies instead.

I’m also excited with next week’s one night only choir gig in our Sunday mass. Hopefully, there’ll be practice. Err… ‘when’ is a four letter word that means “an Eheads song”.


And wait, there’s more…

Kris Kringle is a very… uhm… weird or whatnot idea during Christmas. To those people who’re not fond of these scheme, I know how you feel, “syetters, napipilitan lang ako sumali kasi yung buong team kasama. Ayokong tawagin nila akong loser.”

And there is also a positive side for KK’s, “Syettest, nabunot ko ang kras ko. Pwede ko na syang bigyan nung mga gusto kong ibigay. Tapos baka poide na kaming magdate. Magiging Dyi-ep ko na sya. Tapos tapos, magiging kami na. Tapos magpapaalam na ko sa magulang nya and ikakasal na kami. Tapos, magkakaanak kami ng tatlo. Ayoko ng dalawa kasi.” (I got this idea from Ultraelectromagneticblog, I just find the idea cute and loser-ish.)

From last last week’s KK, I got blank Dvd’s and a Hannah Montana Season 1 Dvd. So, it’s payback time for me. I’m going to drop by this weekend at a sex shop in Metrowalk. I got a girl by the way, (errr. Yung nabunot ko a.) and I’ll make her happy (syempre dun sa gift, never pa kong nakapagpasaya ng babae e. bwahahaha. Ang bitter… off alone? Parang kanta yan ni Alice Deejay a.)

And there is one thing that is bothering me. Why the hell would you want an undergarment for your wish in the wish list? It would just be plain weird. There are two officemates who included boxers and briefs in the wish list.

There are many implications for this, one of which is if a female demure co-worker got your name and what would she give you?

And one of the worst is, a guy getting your name. I’d probably give you something you’d be ashamed of.

I’m stopping here. No gay jokes, sorry. =)


The song God Only Knows rock. God Only Knows what I’ll be and with whom I’ll be with.


~ by targrod on December 12, 2008.

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