Of your local b-movie guide.

This is one of your usual movie entries. I know this is getting boring already. But what can I do? This one for me is fairly interesting…

So, I bought the latest issue of FHM after seeing, ‘The Greatest Pinoy B-movies of all time”. For me, it always say, “Now, that’s something”.

Oh, make it The 21 Greatest Pinoy B-Movies for the FHM group.

And what’s a b-movie? Well, it’s a form of movie that is un-blockbusterish, cultish, weirded out, sucky, or some movie you can’t see in your nearest video city shop. Usually, they are hard to find movies because most of the time, nobody cares to watch them except for film students and film experts (and film lovers like me).

Oh, these are the same movies that made a name during the late nineties where vcd’s where the hit. These movies take a famous film title (i.e. Harry Potter) and then add a number at the end of the title (usually a +1 version). Sample is Anaconda 3, Saving Private Ryan 2, Kill Bill vol. 3, etc. I’m sure you were able to catch these sucky sequels… sadly.

And the list is:

For Your Height Only – It’s a widget James Bond Pinoy version. It stars Weng-weng, a 2’9’’ midget who became sikat in the early 80’s. Should we thank him because we got Mahal, Dagul, and Mura in the process?

Silip – A hardcore porn (or bomba flick) in the 80’s.

No Blood No Surrender – Who could forget Palito movies ala Rambo?

Anak Ni Zuma – A Zuma sequel.

The One-armed Executioner – A one-armed hero. Hooray.

Kapag Ang Palay Naging Bigas – Remember movies in the early 2000 where titles were long and naughty where it stars a lot of starlets and yeah, do we really care?

The April Boys: Sana’y Mahalin Mo Rin Ako – The April Boys are the Boyz.

The Bionic Boy – Taken from The Bionic Man err 70’s era. I’m not familiar.

They Call Her Cleopatra Wong – A female counterpart of James Bond.

The Impossible Kid – A Weng-weng sequel.

Trip Kita Type Mo Ba – A very bad movie that starred Earl Ignacio (remember him? Remember Tropang Trumpo?)

The Cory Quirino Kidnap – I guess most people remember this movie.

Huwag Mong Buhayin Ang Bangkay – I really can’t remember this film. Give us SRR or Halimaw Sa Banga instead.

W Is War – A hardcore violent film in the 80’s. Does this beat that boob-cutting scene in Ora Pronobis? I do hope so.

Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi and Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin – Gore movies in the 60’s.

Apoy Sa Dibdib Ng Samar – Remember Saging Lang Ang May Puso?

Patrolman – It won a Best Picture in MMFF.

Barok Goes To Hong Kong – Yoyoy, Tange, and Palito in HK. San ka pa?

Nights Of Serafina – Probably a Russ Meyer type of movie.

D’punks – Remember Bagets… punk’d?

I guess you have to borrow a copy or even buy one to check out the article as I can’t place the whole item in here.

Oh, you can check articles in the Internet too. And I’d probably venture in owning copies of some of the titles above. I just love B-movies. =)


I suggest though that you just borrow a copy. This issue contains just two articles, one for Manny and the other is the one mentioned above. There is your usual FHM material but that’s about it.

Gah. Eez too boring.


~ by targrod on December 13, 2008.

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