Of more of this.

It seems that the Twilight crazees is not stopping… maybe for the next two to three years. Meyer is literally raking in probably a fair amount of money with her… uhm… masterpiece (I’m happy for her… yeah. Really.) And I might read the fifth part of the saga where fafa Edward strut his version of the story (syempre babasahin ko yun, every Meyer book is worth blogging. Pramis.)

Up until now, I still haven’t seen the movie. I am not entirely excited in watching it and the fact that I’m not even trying to buy or even touch a pirated version of it is something new for me (as I’ve seen the suckiness of all suckiness because suck is wub in anagram.)

The lead actors of the Twilight movie aren’t really role models. There’s the party-hard Rob Pattinson and the bong-using Kristin Stewart. So, in comparison with the HP wub, fafa Daniel Radcliffe just went naked. Wait, we don’t need any comparison here, Rob’s in HP4. So… nyeh.

Where am I going here?

Uhm… I really don’t know. It’s just Twilight is creeping to the masa crowd and I’m just getting scared by the minute. Vampires will be the latest fad in 2009. Vampires who are emo-ish…

And oh my God, if that’s the case then are we expecting the concert gate-crashing emo group who’re clad in goth now change their do into the Twilight attire? Will the emo hair and the all black will end up as passé and enter the coolness of the Cullen family?

No, wait. It is a big possibility BUT, as far as I can see, the Twilight Saga has only bitten mostly the female population and PROBABLY it might just end there.


I was just walking along Mega when these two girls at my back were talking about something and I eventually heard the magic word, vampire. Thank God for my lightning quick walking power (I hover too like them) I was able to get away as far as I can.


I got this one from http://joannaland.multiply.com/:


(o… sa mga hindi nakaka-gets. Facebook yung style nya. Yun lang.)


(pasensya na mga Twilight fans. I just can’t help it. Bwahahahaha. E kasi naman because, gusto ko nang magpahinga muna sa Twilight universe tapos ang usapan dun sa practice namin e Twilight pa din. Buti na lang natapos ko nang basahin yung mga books and I gave them my usual yuck answer. Yey)


~ by targrod on December 15, 2008.

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