Of St. Nick.

The idea of a Santa Claus always amuses me. Imagine a fat guy who wears bright red and who’s carrying a sack load of goodies and now, think of him without the red costume. What would you expect? Probably you’ll think of a fat and drunk magnanakaw. (natandaan ko kasi noong pinasok yung bahay namin, gumamit sya ng sako to hide our things. Odiba naman…)

Kidding aside, the Western world is full of imaginary people. Of course, I’ve mentioned the fat bastard err Santa Claus, then there’s the Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and the Boogeyman (this monster dances disco to the max. uyyy.. Boogie yun. Korni.)

And I’m just here to talk about Santa, I just felt like saying the paragraph above…

Actually, the idea of a Santa is fascinating. You can teach a lot of things that can easily be grasped by a young person. We already know that religion hones a child but, of course, we want someone or an idea that can be transparent whenever we’re teaching our children. And yes, Santa is a big help.

He knows when you are bad or good… That simple idea is actually big for a child. As it creates impact because you know that the child will receive something in the end (Christmas) if he/she is good the whole year. And it is another way of spoiling our child. Giving our children two gifts every December (kung birthday nya, tatlo na dapat!!!)

I remember the time when I really believed in Jolly old St. Nick. He was like a god during Christmas. He really rocked. And it was really nice that a stranger gives you something… even though you really don’t know this person. (ergo, we have a con here. Diba there’s a saying na don’t receive gifts from a stranger? Ay, ano? Don’t talk to strangers lang daw pero you can receive gifts from a stranger. Waw… strange…)

So, after spoiling the child every Christmas, you’ll eventually pop the real meaning of Christmas, telling the real story of Santa Claus that he is not real. And it teaches the young one about the acceptance of a loss. (at least mahahanda mo ang anak mo sa times na shocked sya, etc. Bata pa lang ready na.)

Though, I still don’t get it. Despite an entity like Santa Claus, why is it that there are a lot of children that are makuleet?

Aaahhh… I can’t answer that one. I’m not the Dalai Lama and stuff. I’m just here to react on immature things such as posting a whole topic on Santa Claus. (for God’s sakes, ilang taon ka na ba iho at si Santa Claus pa din ang gusto mong pag-usapan? E baka kasi may philosophical aspect pa din naman si Santa kahit papano. E hardcore pa din naman yun na tao. Imagine, every Christmas makakakita ka ng mga weird estante ni Santa. May sumasayaw, may nahuhubuan, may ewan. Wala na talagang magawa ang mga tao ngayon. Buti na lang talaga, Pasko na. Ang sarap pumunta sa mga sosyal na perya tulad ng Payanig sa Pasig at Boom na Boom.)


(nagsasayang lang ng owras.)


~ by targrod on December 15, 2008.

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