Of a Christmas Post.

This is my Christmas post (as I’ve gone hibernate for the past few days. Work plus parties, yeah your usual Christmas churvae.)

My mom and I were having the usual chat over the dining table during Noche Buena and the television was “channeled” to a Christmas mass by Father Orbos (me thinks it is! The mass in Channel 2…) His homily was quite long and very serious unlike his previous homilies where he would joke half of the time and of course, the other half would be serious.

My mom also shared something to her Marriage Encounter counterparts (waw, redundant) about the idea of Christmas.

That we should all be thankful with what we have and let us not dwell on the material things. She told every one that she’s willing to trade everything, all her material belongings, just so that all of her illnesses and sickness (es) will be gone from her body.

Me thinks the time of Advent is the time to count our blessings from the year that has passed. Let’s not settle much on what we don’t have and let us all be happy to what we currently have for we’ll somehow get those “dreams” one way or another; as these blessings will drop from our footstep without us even knowing it.

Our dream Noche Buena last year was to eat pasta and some fresh fruit for our salad. We got it this year. Two years ago, I was all alone in my home because my parents were in the hospital due to my father’s gout, and this year we are complete again in the household.

And I’m happy with all the family, friends, and new pips that are always there for they really give us strength every time we are down and troubled (and you need a helping hand… hehehe.)

Hopefully, this is the Christmas that I was looking for that I missed a few days ago…


I was listening to Ted Faylon (by force) in the radio and he was interviewing Father Orbos. He informed the priest about some game show and the ‘question’ was “Nagtanong kami sa isang daaang tao kung ano ang totoong diwa ng Pasko o kung ano ang sumisimbulo sa tunay na diwa ng Pasko”.

There were ten answers in the board and none of them gave the answer “Jesus Christ”.

Maybe, we should try to go back and check the origin of Christmas. How about changing it to materialmas or giftmas or even moneymas?


(ayun o. hindi talaga ako nagtataas ng bangko pero nakakalungkot nga naman kung yan ang mga naririnig natin ngayong Pasko. Kaya pala talagang ang lamig ng Pasko lately… o ako lang yun?)

Merry Christmas everyone!! (or belated…)


~ by targrod on December 25, 2008.

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