Of a Desyembre19th post.

I eez remember the time when (wait… mga sampung taon na siguro ang nakakaraan) I went excited over Dance Revo (kasalanan ito nung Dub I Dub kanina sa radyo e. Ang malupet pa, tinugtog si April Boy. Woo-hoo!)

I didn’t really own a Revo (hindi yung pangkabuhayan Fx a), we only (my chums with moi) rented it in a mall nearby our school.

We weren’t really hooked on it since we just wanted to make a few sweats and enjoyed playing with each other err… smilies anyone?

Back to the present, kids right now are playing this Guitar Hero or Rock Band or some other fun-time via an electronic gaming gadget. These gadgets or things are really quite expensive since you have to buy those things separate with the main electronic gadget.

I tried checking ‘em out in a store like ToyKingdom and you’d really spend five digits on each gadget.

Though somehow, that Dance Revo was really addictive in a way, I’m assuming that the latest gadgets would really create the needed child addiction. Yeah, the part where the child doesn’t eat healthy food, the part where he/she doesn’t get the needed sleep, and the best part is, school grade will go down down down. Hooray for today’s games.

(As most games are really very addictive where we adults can be hooked in it and it makes us like zombies in the process. Buti na lang yung karamihan sa tin kayang mag-control ng oras para sa kanilang mga sarili. We shouldn’t be controlled by these video games, dapat pera lang ang nagko-control sa tin.)

Which gives me a very bright idea, if you’ll see before, it all started with foot movements. Then, right now, we have hand movements and we can use instruments to copy what these musicians can do.

And don’t forget the fact that these video games are moved by music. Yes, it always boils down to music.

So, here’s an idea, since we can somehow control the whole body in a virtual nature. Why don’t we do a game where we copy our singer/rocker/balladeer idols?

It goes like this; all you have to do is to copy your idol’s trademark movement via a virtual game. (music can also be added in the future as add-ons as for now all you have to do is make gaya what your idol’s trademark is.)

Since we Pinoys came up with this idea, we have to start with our local artist’s trademarks. There’ the bali-pose of Pilita Corrales, the cap-throwing image of April Boy Regino, the I-forgot-the-lyric of Christian Bautista, and the oh-so-famous split of Mystika.


Yeah. Bored.

~ by targrod on December 25, 2008.

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