Of another of those… yeah… lima na lang ang hahabulin ko!

So, who’s going to go Full Monty in the Twilight cast?

From the past few years, two of the most notable “teen” filled movies includes the High School Musical trilogy and the Eight-tuplet Harry Potter series. Well, both movies aren’t really related to each other actually. As one was Disney’s pure-luck film (as they were on the verge on some lackluster movies such as Brother Bear and some other movie that I can’t remember and because Pixar rocks. Oh wait, they got lucky with the Cheetah Girls but for me it is still Cheetah who? Or Cheeta Eh, ganda lalaki) and the other one doesn’t really need to be a movie but since fans clamored for some real life hardcore action-comedy-drama of the books, so there we go. It was made and it was shown.

As we all wub the HP series despite some… uhm… yeah, you know my point.

And so, here we go with what I’m trying to say. A Harry Potter character, which is Harry Potter himself or Daniel Radcliffe for purists, went Full Monty in a theatre play (I forgot the title of the play… Oh wait, its Equus). Photos circulated the virtual world and if I can remember it correctly, there was a horse at the background with Daniel and the horse had some dangling… uhm… tail and hands (?)

Then, there’s the infamous Vanessa Hudgens image that went hoo hoo in the Internet. There were a series of those celebrity hubo pictures but, and obviously, Vanessa stood out because of her High School Musical fame. I went to some sleazy sites and most posters would say that “they would do her anytime”, whatever that means.

I should’ve included Miley Cyrus with her Vanity Fair photo (it is Vanity Fair, right?) but there weren’t any vital organs shown and Miley’s life is really worth another article or blog. So, we don’t have to dwell on her err her life perhaps?

Now, we are expecting some saga or trilogy or whatnot from Meyer’s series. So, who are we expecting to go Full Monty anytime soon? I only have two candidates for now. There’s Bella or Kristin Stewart who goes bong sniffing in the daylight (as drugs can really make people crazy err in case she changes her drug to a higher and more synthetic high then she has a great possibility to go woah mama) and obviously there’s party-hard Rob Pattinson (err… Patterson ba?) who might do something crazy (remember Oscar De La Hoya who was wasted and went draggie with a prostee?)

Me think we have to make a vote for this one…

Or not.


I was wrong. And I thought that I had enough of the Twilight brouhaha. Have you heard of the news that Abs-Cbn is interested in localizing the Twilight series?

(San ka pa? At anak ng ewan talaga.)

I don’t need to bash Channel 2 since Twilight is bashed enough and they’d just be adding insult to injury.

I’ll just be here watching in the sidelines where pro-Twilight and anti-Twilight pips go war with each other.


Before I forget, the series Saved By The Bell also produced a stripper. But that’s different…


~ by targrod on December 25, 2008.

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