Of an xmas spam.

Graphic content may or may not be described but to keep the spirit of Crimbo (it’s a Kingdom of Loathing thing, check wiki for it) and for all the hoamies who took it for the team and you know what I mean…

I forgot.

Err… basta… ish not healthy if you read some graphic stuff like this. Warning has been provided and yeah… I am stupid (rhyme yan!)

Anyhoo… ish like this… Someone gave me boxers as a Kris Kringle err for exchange gift (hi Kring! hehe) and I was really surprised on why she gave me that (ever since kasi hindi talaga ako trendy sa any clothing material as in hindi ako sumusunod sa uso. gusto ko lang simpleng buhay magpakailanpaman. Amen.)

We used to have a joke in our group in our choir about guys giving guys underwear and stuff and that includes my previous post in my office regarding guys wanting underwear for exchange gifts as it might be too icky for the girl to buy a guy whom she doesn’t really know; in short, giving out underwear as gifts are quite weird in general.

Then it happened to me.

I got boxers and I’m not saying it is bad but that’s probably the last thing I’ve expected to receive this Christmas. (I’ve always expected stuff such as a shirt or socks or hankies kasi medyo hardcore ang mga gusto kong gift, in short mahirap talaga akong bigyan. Pero actually madali lang ako, pagkain lang masaya na ko.) I’m a boxer virgin. I don’t know how to use it. I’m on the verge of checking out the Internet on ways on how to use a boxer, etc. I wanted to ask guys to on how they were their boxers.

(Pero diba medyo weird pa din yun. Ang unang tanong mo dyan kasi is, “Chong boxers or briefs ka ba?”… Poideng pasilip? Gusto ko lang kasing i-verify kung paano mo sinusuot yan. Gusto ko ding malaman kung yung brief ba nagsusuot ka pa din na nasa loob nung boxers mo. Etc. etc. etc. Hindi ko talaga alam kung papano. Period.)

I was going to post something before I try it out but I told myself just to try it out. No briefs for now sir. Use the boxers. And it was quite weird as there was some… uhm… you know what during the whole day and eventually it was kind of ok.

And yeah, boxers are sexy but it doesn’t make me. =)


(Yehey. Paskong-pasko, eto ang napopost ko. Ang sucky diba? Bwahahaha. E kasi naman because eto yung talagang nagbigay ng impact sa kin ngayong Pasko dahil for the past weeks ang lungkot ko sa hindi malamang kadahilanan pero masaya ako ngayon at hindi ko din malaman kung bakit. Masaya ako ngayon. Period. Period. No erase. Force Field. Yehey.)


~ by targrod on December 26, 2008.

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