Of some sports churvae (4 na lang!)

I’ve always loved sports though sports don’t love me much. Well, this just refers to sports with physical contact. I’m really sure that I can’t compete with since I am such a klutz or other guys can easily bring me down anytime. Ergo, I can’t play American Football, Sumo Wrestling, or Rugby.

And here’s my sports round-up for the year.

First in the list is my Alma Mater who placed first runner up in the recent UAAP games where ADMU won the championship. ADMU is really unbeatable this year. With their big guy (yung foreigner, I forgot the name. sowee. Dalawa yun alam ko e) and their rookie of the year, what else do they need? They really deserved that championship. (Bawi na lang kami next year.)

I’ll be including WWE in this post. Yeah, I know that this kind of wrestling is ‘professionally’ unprofessional but who cares. They’ve accompanied me during work. The storyline are outrageous and unbelievably funny. They can beat any soap operas on local television. The action is not that intense but you’ll be amused by the hardcore script that they create. And I’m just a young at heart err Immature for purists. So there! I always support our kababayan so I’m all for Batista anytime. (And the Great Khali’s kiss cam of course)

Formula 1 has been sucky for my Papa Fernando Alonso. With all what happened last season, it seems that he has been reaping the bad karma and that Hamilton guy will just have the win after win position next year or until this guy retires.

There’s PBA with the lucky change of atmosphere as they went lipat from the old sucky channel 5 management to the well-exposed (uy, exhibitionist?) channel 9 (or series of channels). When I’m browsing the television channels, I try to watch PBA from time to time. I do hope that PBA will get bigger viewer ship next year. Hooray for good broadcast!

There’s boxing too. Don’t forget Manny with his incredible skill and streak that he is practically, and probably, a Pinoy billionaire already. I’m just concerned with his gambling problem. Remember to save Manny boy. Boxing is not forever.

Lastly, NBA! Hooray for the Boston Celtics who won the 2008 Championship title. Hooray for setting the 27-2 record. Hooray for these guys who got the badly needed Championship ring despite their age. I’m hoping for them to win 34 straight games. Beat L.A.’s streak!

And don’t forget Miami Heat’s head coach. His name is Eric (was it Eric Capoestra? I porgot) and he is a half-Filipino.


Hahaha. That’s all (wala na sa trail of thought ang utak ko ngayon. Bangag e.)


~ by targrod on December 26, 2008.

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