Of an early year end report.

I’m not fond of New Year’s resolutions. I’d only say that these are just guides or whatnots and probably, and just probably, they won’t be followed. I always tell myself that if you want to do some change in yourself; do it now.

Though planning is essentially important, I’m not keen in doing my own resolution. I’ve grown tired of doing a resolution and then the year will pass and after that I’d tell myself that when I looked back in that same year, I’d tell myself, “Eh parang hindi ko nasunod yung resolution ko.”

What I’m doing right now is to make a dream, it doesn’t matter how much simple it is and I’d just say it to myself. After that, it happens; most of the time it happens a year after. And I got most of it this year. One hurrah for me then!

So, I’d just do a round-up to what happened to me for the past year. I’d probably do my own version of a numbers game. I’m going to try this a little differently…

1 happy house with no major illnesses

1 new simple cellphone in exchange of the second hand gadget

1 portable dvd player that I can use for work

2 times I was majorly sick contradicting the first entry

16000 won from a game show last January

9710 donated to the Bowling lanes in Manila

2541 spent on blank cds and dvds

1 hour on average daily were benefited by the company ergo unpaid OT hours

2900 were given to the dial-up companies

11718 were donated again to the bookstores and

4 Stephen King books were read and

20 is the latest Pugad Baboy compilation that came out this year

4280 were stolen by the anti-depressant mermaid

1355 were contributed to the hand-and-eye coordinated entertainment industry and

2 months were lost in the world of Azeroth and

2 hours average were shared with Jick and the rest of the Loathers

200 days were turned emo

20492 helped the bootleg and the legal industry and

576 movies were watched this year and

12 of them took place in a cinema house and

4 of them was just My Big Love or I’ve seen this four times already and

750 movies left to watch basing this from the book 1001 movies to watch before I die and

1 time I was blinded by Joe Jonas’ tighty whiteys in the movie CampRock and

8 James Bond films have been watched so far and

12 Alfred Hitchcock films have been watched so far and

14 days I was amused with the beauty of Phoebe Cates

219 blog posts were made as of the moment

083008 is the best 120 hours of my life and

200 hours is the bestest time I had recently and

2009 is the year I’m looking forward to.


I could’ve added more numbers but researching for numbers is very tiring.

So there.


~ by targrod on December 28, 2008.

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