Of somekinda puyatan.

With the supposed annual choir puyatan (which was made into semi-puyatan since the other adults can’t do some puyat no more. Hell yeah, they’re old and I’m not. So there) last night, we spent it with your usual humongous leftover food (salamat Krunch sa napakasarap na Mexican rice, napalaban ako sa kamemexican sa kanya. Andale Andale Arriba Arriba Porque Malaque Ang Poq…ue err basta yun astigins ang foodness sa inyo. Nahiya ako dun sa hardcore ribs pero ayun. *burp*. Ay hindi pala *burp*, hindi pa ko full nun, *bu* lang…)

(commercial muna: anong hayop ang positive? E di ox… uy… hang korni noh? Salamat fafa beej. Year of the ox daw kasi. Orayt!)

With the humongous lunch comes with a humongous blockbuster movie viewing at around two in the morning. I brought the pirated dvd and they went there watching the blech-a-lot scenes of Bella and Edward. Thank God for Ella’s laff-tuff, something kept me busy. And that movie had a lot of problems. Thank God, again, I didn’t spent real movie tickets for that. Thank God (three times! Yeah! I’m not making any sense here na)

And the most amusing part of the night was Marose’s camera, multi-shots with three second intervals? Ish good for gif animation! (gusto kong bumili nito for the pure purpose of having that camera ability.)


~ by targrod on January 1, 2009.

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