Of the wes #

I’ve always loved movies… obviously. Whether it is uber old, as I can say that I’ve seen A Trip To The Moon, or if it’s uber new, lemesee, the latest movie I’ve seen so far is Twilight (Oh God, akala ko ba magbabago ka na sa hirit? E yun naman talaga yung last movie na napanood ko na latest e. Yung bold este bolt, hindi ko pa napapanood. Tapos yung Milk hindi ko pa napapanood. Boo! Tapos wala akong pinanood na Tagalog, kasi korni ako.)

And recently, I’ve finally had the chance to watch the rest of Wes Anderson’s movies. I guess this guy rock (for me, astig yung takbo ng mga movies nya. For some unknown reason, whether it is somekinda lull or somekinda amusing, ok sya sa kin.)

Now, there would be some reason on why you should watch his movies, let me count the ways:

I’ll start with The Royal Tenenbaums, this is probably his stepping stone to popularity. The story was great. It was drama in a way but he was able to lift the sadness and turn them into some silly scene. Why you should see this movie: Dalmatian rats, “incestuous” relationships, and for the mere fact that the family is simply outrageous. There wasn’t really a boring moment but you really have to listen to the dialogue and the nitty-gritty details of the movie. You’ll understand why. Oh, and I love pagoda by the way.

They were saying that his latest movie, The Darjeeling Limited, was a flop. Well, probably, but it was probably one of those movies who has heart where three brothers need to see their mom. Why you should see this movie: The secretary, India, and the train. In addition, you have to look for the short film, Hotel Chevalier. If you’re a guy I’m sure you wanna watch this film. It contains Natalie Portman, a bolder version of her in comparison with the movie Closer.

And that Hotel Chevalier is simply artistic.

There’s Rushmore. It is a story about a boy who doesn’t want to graduate in a sense where he excelled in every extra-curricular activity except for his academic grades. Why you should see this movie: the theatre plays, the handjob relationship, and Bill Murray (oh, I just love to hate him in this movie). I can’t say more of this film, as I need to watch this again, like the other two films mentioned above. (I’d probably have my own Wes Anderson marathon one of these days.)

Bottle Rocket is one of his earliest movies (I wasn’t able to catch the 13 minute version, I’ll try to look for it) where a small group of friends do a heist. Why you should see this movie: the Wilson brothers, the obvious stupidity, and the plot twist. Though you can’t see most of Wes’ trademarks in this film, you’ll still see the smart script, funny punch lines, and yeah, more stupidity. (I find some of the scenes stupid, but that is just me.)

Lastly, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is the first Anderson film I’ve seen. I think I’ve seen this one three years ago and at the same time I’ve seen it thrice already. It is a story about an oceanographer that wants to have vengeance to a shark that killed his buddy (syet, nakalimutan ko kung buddy nga niya… moving on.) Why you should see this movie: there is one thing that really woke my mind when I watched this, the Filipino terrorists. It was really fun to see sets of Filipino lines included in the script; and yeah, the remarkable kwentong-barbero animal creatures.


(Parang hang panget pa din nung reviews sa taas. Parang kulang sa spunk.)

~ by targrod on January 6, 2009.

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