Of the era #

I am starting to believe that the nineties are starting to conjure its, own, identity. It is very safe to say that the seventies is the era of disco and the eighties is the era of new wave. So, how about the nineties?

In the past few decades and if that is the case then, are eras’ identities made out of the music that was filled throughout those times?

And if that is indeed the case (two cases na sya. Bale lasing lasing na tayo nyan sa beer) then the nineties will absolutely be a big clump of melting pot. From my point of view, I can say that the early nineties can give us grudge songs (kaya sumikat si beavis at si butthead). The middle part was quite hasty but there is a possibility where pop songs, especially those sakit-sa-ulo dance mixes, were produced. And the last part can be a mix of every genre, or so it seems.

I went to a party recently and I think that the real answer to the question on what era is the nineties and I would probably give the answer, band.

There are two ban(s) by the way, one is composed of a boy and one is a girl.

So, why did I eventually come up with this idea?

As I’ve said, I went to a party. The mean age in that party is probably 23 to 27 years of age. Eighties music will usually flop since people who grew up to this era are probably old enough (in terms syempre na may family na sila.) Early nineties usually cater the alternative or grudge part of music so probably not so many people can dig that.

And once you play those boyband and girlband songs, it practically livened up the house.

It was a delight in my eyes actually when people (oo, people. Kasi nga majority na yung kumakanta) sang harmoniously from those backstreet boys, n’sync, spice girls, and other songs made in that era or generation from these groups.

These groups probably had an impact to people of my age and those younger than mine. We probably have a few memorable songs and we would always say that those were the days. Where Erap was still president… Where Harry Potter was just starting… Where Friendster is starting to be the real in thing…

So, if you’re planning to celebrate a party. Don’t forget to put in those girlband and boyband songs in the playlist and for sure the party-goers will truly appreciate their stay.


(odiba naman. Ang aga ng taon, usapang backstreet boys na ang pinag-uusapan. Kasi love ko talaga ang backstreet boys at na prove ko sa kanila na hindi bakla si Nick Carter!!! Hindi sya bakla! Ang olats nga lang nung naging dyowa nya. Blech.)


~ by targrod on January 7, 2009.

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