Of the stream #

Whatever happened to the uber-die hard fans of the David boys in American Idol? If I can remember it quite clearly last year, there were really a lot of fans (and electric fans… bwahahaha) and non-fans who watched American Idol. It was like the Pacquaio-Marquez in amateur singing. It was like Nadja Montenegro versus Kristy Fermin (or was it Lolit Solis? Moving on.)

I really guess that there’s one thing that kills everything, mainstream.

I believe I’ve posted something like this last year. All about mainstream and such, and why I don’t go for mainstream. Probably most of us too but I really don’t care if you don’t go for mainstream… because I just.

Let’s take the song Always Be My Baby, version by David Cook. When he sang this in AI, all were so awed and amused by his brave effort to rock-ify a R&b song (hindi ko na sasabihin kung sino kumanta… o sya si Eva Eugenio ang original nyan. Masaya ka na?) All of a sudden, peer to peer places where flooded by the downloading and “uploading” of that oh-so-great song (hindi ko naman talaga alam kung hardcore ang download rate nung kantang yan last year. Keber ko ba.)

I’m not being discriminatory here but once you hear that song as ringtone for the common tao, you’ll automatically stay away from it. You’d probably delete it from your playlist or your ipod. You’d probably throw Cook memorabilia and wallpapers and images you’ve kept in your computer.

And of course, we Filipinos are always the unsuspecting victims. We ride a public utility vehicle or we walk in a mall doing our own thing when all of a sudden you’d listen to that Cook song. At first you’d just say, oh yeah heard that before. But when the second stanza enters and you automatically listen to Tagalog lyrics, you’d want to run, far away as possible from that area or place where the song is being played.


We always have our own favorites in life, whether it is books, music, movies, fads, etc. We hate it when these things become part of a mainstream.

And we always have to choose the right stuff before we start them to become our favorites since somehow we invest on such. My suggestion is to look for things that wouldn’t be understood by everyone or try to buy expensive stuff so that mainstream won’t leak in.

And yes, mainstream killed my Eraserheads too. Thank God for their last concert.


(nagduduwal lang ng mga ideas. Mahirap kasi pag nakalimutan.)

~ by targrod on January 7, 2009.

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