Of the mblog #

The Internet will always be here and yeah, here to stay. It will always give us the two sides of the coin but it will always go to the logic of purpose. If it is there, use it. It always end up with your ‘choice’ if you’re going to stay inside the virtual world for hours or just, well, pass or passing by.

Blogging is actually the in thing, in some senses. That Eraserheads reunion had some big help with the Pinoy bloggers (as statistics show that we Pinoys love to use the Internet, Friendster anyone? Blech! Oo, naniniwala pa din ako na pang-katulong ang Friendster. I discriminate people! Fine! Tanggalin mo ko sa Friendster list mo!!! … syet, please don’t remove me. Pag nangyari yun 10,325 na lang ang friends ko. Sad.)

So, blogging was really big last year because of the Eraserheads reunion. That’s it. Period!

(walang kokontra! Bwahahaha.)

Moving on… I’m sure you’ve heard of those micro-blogging sites (I just read this somewhere, thank God may tawag na sa kanila.) Sample of which are Plurk, Twitter, and Tumblr (Knock knock… who’s there… Tumblr… Tumblr who? … Tumblr-eeena, bao pue mo sumipa hindi ka nagsasabown… uhm. Yeah.)

Basically, and officially, I’m addicted to Plurk (hindi lang ako, madami kaming adeekted na ditto.) I’ve posted something about this last year and this is sort of an update on additional advantage for this site.

Before signing up to these sites, you should have your friends there too. It would be futile if you’re there alone. And it would probably be like this:

“Where are the people?”

“Why am I all alone?”

“Ooooh! Somebody add me!”

“C’mon! She removed me from her friend’s list. Do people really come and go?”

“Nobody loves me.”

Now, one of the main advantages is you are really updated with the lives of your friends (and you’re FB’s if you want to put it in some other ways.) There’s a drawback of course, sometimes people tend to get carried away and you’d actually know that they’re doing number two at the very moment.

The reaction to that is TMI, by the way.

And the one best thing that amuses me with this is the “biglaang lakads” and the “biglaang gimiks”.

One great example is the eve of New Year. A group of people went to do an “online inuman” with one person who started it by placing a message in Plurk that he/she wants to do an “online inuman”. And yeah, it was a success.

What they did was they got to Skype and YM and turned on their webcams and voila, “online inuman conference.”

So, there is finally an answer to this i-have-to-be-home-durng-new-years-eve-and-i-can’t-drink-with-you-guys. It might sound pathetic but it’s not.


Sadly though, I wasn’t able to join these geeks. It’s fine. There’s still next year!

~ by targrod on January 12, 2009.

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