Of the Psych #

According to Wiki: The Mayon Volcano is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay, in the Bicol Region, on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.

Even though that I really don’t know what strato-anodaw-volcano means, I fully understand the common words, province and island and the proper words Albay, Bicol, Luzon, and the Philippines. Oh yeah, the word region too but I was confused on where I should put it. Is it common or is it proper? It is in its capital form, so where should I put it?

Should I buy common sense at the bookstore, the drugstore, or from the candlestick maker?

Now, I was watching Psych the other day and the bida guy was talking about landscapes and mountains and other forms of nature when he said (no, I can’t quote him on this one since I really don’t remember the actual script that he said, I’ll just say the gist. You know? Gist? Singko plus singko), “… the Mayon Volcano is found in the island of Hawaii…”

What the packing tape?

The writers would probably think that we couldn’t be reached by their shows. Haven’t they learned with the Desperate Housewives and the other Brit sketch that made some politicians lose their hats (or it is another way of campaigning. Libre na, free pa. Because they’re pathetic and they need free publicity kasi it costs millions of pesos for them to do publicity. Kaya nga todo-todo sila sa pagpapapel pag may mga churvang ewan na nangyayari sa Pilipinas. Inuubos nila ang kaban ng ating bayan. Napapagod na ko sa mga kawalang-hiyaan nila. Ayoko na. Please lang. Maawa na kayo sa amin! Tama na! Stop na! Palitan na!!!!)

Err… Where was I? … Oh yeah…

Well, the idea wasn’t that controversial. It may just be a spoof or a lack of research for their part or a punchline that is not really funny.

A few episodes after, they made this reference regarding on how Pinoys are famous in the modeling industry and it would be easy for them to enter bars that contains famous people. This is either a Cunanan (remember Giovanni? KATOOOK MGA MISISS!! Ay hindi yun… Calvo yun. I was referring to Giovanni Versace where this Pinoy guy or something killed him like that) reference or Pinoys are really big in the fashion industry? (errr… hindi ko alam talaga. Wala akong pakelam. Nanonood lang ako ng tv. pauso ko lang to. Hahaha.)

Anyhoo, some random random what rhymes with random idea. I still wub Psych though.

(hang gulo ng sentence construction! bwahahaa! woo!)


~ by targrod on January 14, 2009.

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