Of the Tomeimei #

What will make a guy go to the office early?

A MILF officemate.

Huwweeyttt. Is this one of the days where you’ll be sexually discriminatory to women? If you’re planning to do one right now, either you stop or change the topic. We are in a world where there is a great injustice against the female population and the third sexual orientation.

Ok. Ok. Fine. I’m gonna change it.

What will make a guy go to the office early?

A FILF officemate.

Now, this is stupid.

And MILF means Moro International Liberation Front. So, it doesn’t really make any sense after all. Much like cologne.

You know sense… fragrans?

Dang. This is getting stupid by the moment.

Oh, I forgot, this is in case the person that you’re waiting for is early at work. Though this statement doesn’t really matter and what I’m doing doesn’t really matter then Janet Jackson’s song is entitled Doesn’t Really Matter.


I really miss writing stupid things. I’ve been on an idea hiatus though I’ve had some during that hiatus; I’m just too lazy to write it down.

I’m not really serious. I miss being emo. I am just plain slacking off.

I need to pick up my pace before the month ends. I need to run, jump, make noise (quoting Saint John Bosco here)… I think I’m missing something… Is it make a sin or do not sin (heeeerreee’s something corny… yung a sin maalat and yung do not matamis. Bwahahaha. Oo na, ako na lang ang tumatawa sa sarili kong jokes. Pero but… yeah… but munch.


Finally, I’ve seen The Wrestler. My verdict? Well… Put it this way. How many times have you seen Million Dollar Baby? I’m sure you just want to watch that depressing movie once, right?

So, there’s my answer. That movie is really full of drama and you can’t help but pity Mickey Rourke’s character. For sure, somewhere in this universe, that story is true. It may not be as depressing as that but if you read some profiles of former wrestling superstars; you may as want to believe it. Remember my post regarding Bret the Hitman Hart? Yeah, it is probably true.

Wwe is just in the limelight. We have to see the bigger picture.

Yuck. Am I suddenly concerned with these wrestlers?

And Marissa Tomei was… errr… well… if you wanna see a different her. Watch the movie. She’s still pretty though…

(pero kasi but… err.. wala lang. sana hindi na sinama si Marissa sa movie. Parang pinilit lang e. wala lang. imho ko lang yun. And he wasn’t saved by this pootah naman so ano na yung point nung character nya sa movie?)

(teka… à point. Ayan. Hahaha!)


~ by targrod on January 14, 2009.

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