Of the nutrition #

I’m trying to see the point on why Americans are health conscious with the food that they’re eating. If I remember a few years ago, the movie Super-sized Me was quite a shocker for all those who’ve watched it (obviously there are these skeptics but who cares on what they draw. Ha? Sketchtics ba yung mga yun? Sorry… Pwedeng mag-sorry?)

Every time I hit the Yahoo site, there is always this and that article on nutrition values for a certain food group. Or this set of food group is the dirtiest food that is serve on which is what fast food restaurant. Or this set of food group would make Dante (not Varona) scream at you because you broke the sin gluttony.

Thank God for us Filipinos it is quite easy.

“So, anong ingredients ng iluluto mo?”
”May baboy at patis…”

Obviously, those two ingredients can give us either a heart attack or something that can kill our bladders. Ergo, there is not a specific advice on the nutrition values for each ingredient we eat.

And it would be ultimately weird if we buy something in the market (or the palengke), and the market vendor would add, “aaayy ati, yang isda nyu pung binilee. May umega tri po yan. Tapos maganda din po sa katawan ang isda kase hinde masyadong nakakataba yan. Masarap yan po. Marami pong prutina na maitutulong sa katawan nyo. At ayon sa Wold Helt Organisesyon, ang isda talaga ang pinakamainam na pagkain…”

“Iha, yung sukli ko…”

“Akala ko makakalusot…”

Finally, wouldn’t it be really nice if we have these foreign nutritionists who would go to the Philippines and do their study:

Foreign Nutritionist: “Man, it is really hard to do the values for the viands that you Filipinos are eating. Okay, that sineygang was hard. What do we have next?”

Pinoy Epal 1: “Dat seeer is a Bowpis.”

Foreign Nutritionist: “Let’s get this over with. So, what are the ingredients of that Bowpis?”

Pinoy Epal 1: “Pare, paano iinglesin tong laman loob ng baboy, baga, puso, lapay, at bato kasama ang lalamunan?”

Pinoy Epal 2: “Tangna pare, wag mo kong pahirapan. Bahala ka dyan. Bisita mo yan e.”

Pinoy Epal 1: “O well seer. You see we nid da insayds op a pig.”

Foreign Nutritionist: “You mean the meat of a pig?”
Pinoy Epal 1: “Yes. Ol op it. I kent Inglish it bat it is da insayds op a pig.”

Foreign Nutritionist: “Hhhmm… Pig meat. Check.”

Pinoy Epal 1: “Dat’s it.”


(I think obvious na naman yung gusto kong paratingin. Nakakatamad mag-isip e. Bwahahaha. Pasensya na. Mahaba pa kasi yung usapan nyan. Nawala na ko sa focus. Inaantok pa ko. Whoo! Bitin parang seventies pant.)


~ by targrod on January 15, 2009.

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