Of the djs #

If you’re a public transport lover or in simple terms, you have no choice but to take the jeep or the bus (nandun si kris!!!) because you don’t have a car then you’ve probably heard one or two or both of these set of dj’s.

I’m talking about the radio of course.

(kung djinn yan adeek ka. Uy, Magic reference… asteeg. Medyo nadedepress ako ngayon. Naglalabas lang ng sama ng loob.)


Just last year the Nicole Ayala slash Cris Tsuper phenomenon broke out. I was mocking my always update mom, “Ma, hindi mo kilala si Nicole? Ha? Imposible!!!” I later found out that they had no radio in the office so I guess that is an obvious reason on why she can’t listen to them as our car’s radio is fixed with Chico and Delamar (seryoso. Nakafix na talaga sa station na 93.1 yung stereo namin. Ganito kasi yun. Nanakawan kasi kami ng car stereo noon. E umabot pa nga sa point na walang radio sa kotse. E nakakita kami nung tig-500 lang na radio since hindi naman kami mabibbo sa car accessories churva tsaka luma na yung sasakyan so ayun. Chipipay na radio, nasira yung tuner knob nya sa 93.1. At buti naman dun nasira… moving on…)

These two individuals really hit the local airwaves with their witty and, yes, loud mornings. They were practically noisy in the morning as you, the commuter, would try to ignore the stereo-ni-manong but can’t do it since you’re practically trapped. All you can do then is to close your eyes and “kunwari natutulog ka”. But the truth is, and nothing but, you’re actually listening to them, even if you don’t want to. And I swear, you could’ve smirked at one of their side comments.

Just late last year, there is this certain individual who practically is at their level. We welcome Mister Foo in the arena. I tried searching for this guy’s profile (try is such a big word) in the Internet and I can’t find one that fits. This guy is not really a guy and the thing that is making him “famous” right now is his way of adding the word “meganun!” in every minute.

Before I hit this off, I have to say first that I am not entirely familiar with the two sets of Dj’s mentioned above. I just know that they exist. I know Nicole’s time-slot is nine in the morning and Mister Foo’s station is the one with the “Hi Pangga!” I don’t know if they’re residing in the same radio station.

I know one thing. Both radio stations are number one.

Also, we have to admit the fact that they cater to a different audience. We can’t compare them with the likes of Chico and Delamar or those three bastos dudes (I really don’t listen to them so you can’t blame me on any thing. I just know that there’s a Sam YG there. So there.)

As much as I would like to compare these two sets of Dj’s, as I originally intended to. I might just end up being subjective.

You see, the moment I heard Mister Foo talk, I just found his words empty. I mean, he does have that “meganun” ringing in my ear all day and all of the people who hear him can have that same amount of icky dosage much more to the people whom I’ve shared the “meganun” experience.

They hate me by the way.

But that’s it. I guess it is safe to say that this Dj is gay and I believe you’re familiar with those people who talk loud in a gay way. And I really think that I can’t learn anything from this guy. I mean if you want your mornings to be exciting without the music then you must at least try to learn something from someone in the morning.

What am I saying here? More stupidity I presume, Mr. Watson?

Moving on to the duo, I adore Nicole in a public utility sort of way. This girl’s a real kolehiyala by the way and I just have to take out Cris in the picture (though he fits the duo by being the sidekick) since he’s just there. Yeah, he is just there most of the time.

Nicole would be this loudmouthed woman in the morning but if you really listen to what she’s talking about then you’ll learn something from her. Really! Just as Mister Foo, they have to cater to their audience, that’s why they talk like that.

But still. They talk crap most of the time. Err… crap in a sense where intelligent people like us (yihee kasama ka) wouldn’t stop by and listen to their crap.

(bwahaha. Sabay bawing ewan na ganun. Kalokohan na ito. Gawan ba naman ng intelligent churva ang mga ganitong bagay? Bwahahaha. Ding ang bato!)


Yeah. This is taking too long for a post. I really don’t have a point in this one; much like all my posts. I just want to say it.

~ by targrod on January 16, 2009.

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