Of the fish #

Crying in movies is such a big thing for me. I really don’t believe in the idea that boys shouldn’t cry. In fact, there are a lot of positive things that will help a person if ever you cry. Did you know that tears are like blood that whenever you run out of it, it refreshes your body?

Of course that is not true. (may dating lang talaga ang isang statement pag sinabi mo na yung magic words na ‘Did You Know’. Kaya nga magically magical yung song ni Chicqui Pineda e.)

Anyhoo, I’ve posted something about this movie before and I want to update myself. The movie is called Big Fish.

I’ve had an FGD (or Focus Group Discussion) with a set of people about the movie at hand and found a psychological impact of that movie on men. I don’t know what or how or why but it is affecting men in ways that can’t be explained. Yes, I cried when I watched that movie and I asked ladies about it and they didn’t even bother to bulge.

Now, I asked them if they knew guys who cried when they’ve watched that movie and informed me that a few guys cried when they’ve seen it.

Maybe (and just maybe) there is something between the relationship of the father and son protagonists. One of the greatest “impacts” of this movie (for me) is when the father told the son to create the final story for his father.

Despite the funny images and the funny scene, it wasn’t really funny for me.

(pero seryoso. Ang galing galing para sa akin nung approach nung movie na yun. Especially, yung cry fest, for moi, last part nung movie. If you’re going to see it objectively, wala lang. I mean, ayun. Dinala ni anak si ama sa river na may mga taong nag-iintay sa kanya. At tapos ginawa siyang isda. Ayun. Yun na yun.)

Personally, I think this has got to do something with our personal lives. I just don’t know if this affects the child-father relationship. It must be.

But I am a private person and I don’t dwell much on this. I’d rather expose our pet turkeys. And that’s it.

Yeah. That’s it.


And you have to watch Big Fish too because there’s a Pinoy reference again in that film! Just wait for the part (it would take you an hour if you wait for it) of the ventriloquists scene. You’d probably just hear blabber but when you listen very clearly, it’s quite different. The guy is speaking in Filipino! Woo hoo!


And i’m changing my name to Rustom Padilla. I believe it is now available…


~ by targrod on January 18, 2009.

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