Of the hotel #

Don’t we all love to stay in hotels? I’m not talking about those sleazy and blech-worthy self-proclaimed “we are a hotel” hotel. I’m talking about hotels where the carpet is really red and there is a fridge and there are no mirrors in the ceiling.

And yes, we love to stay in hotels. I think I did say this one just a few seconds ago.

We love to stay in hotels. Oops I did it again?

Now, this blog post is about me offering you a one (did I just say one? Bwahahaha!) in a lifetime moment on free hotel stays. (syet. Walang kakwenta kwenta na tong mga pinagsasabi ko. Bwahahaha Of course hindi totoo to. This is purely nonsense. So, what it is to you? Duh duh duh.)

(commercial muna. Alam nyo yung kasabihan na Momol? I just picked this one up with a friend and it means Make Out Make Out Lang. I won’t say more of this pero wala lang. What has happened to our society? Isa lang naman yung kasabihan na gusto kong ipamahagi. Yung tito ko ko kasi before he had a… uhm… girlfriend who’s not mainam for a girlfriend and my other tito told him na, “Yan ba ang gusto mong sabihin sa mga magiging anak mo, na naging prostitute ang nanay niyo?” Alam ko I’m not in the right place to say this pero everything makes sense diba? I mean if you are wearing the shoes of your future children’s shoes, na sobrang malabo kasi malamang hindi kasya yan, and would you want to tell them of your uber-dark pasts? I don’t think so. Ayan, naligo kasi ako ng holy water kanina.)

Anyhoo, is there such a thing or somekinda churva thing where we would be able to choose what we want inside a hotel?

I can say that I don’t need most of the cabinets since I’d probably just stay for a day. I don’t need the big cabinet for hanging shirts because i’m not attending a wedding. I don’t want the safe since I know I’m safe with the people I am with and I know they’re richer than me so I’m not scared of any klepto moments.

And I do hope that they would provide me a personal alalay that will make me masahe, feed me, tuck me to bed, read me bedtime stories, buy things for me, and bathe me. I hope that they would provide me a Nintendo Wii with all the necessary add-ons when I want to play Rock Band and in addition, I want to have playmates too so that we can really jam. And lastly, I want a black light to verify if ever I would find any unnecessary liquid on the bed, on the wall, and on the ceiling.

Because I will miss Gil of CSI since I haven’t seen any episodes of this show for the past years or months and as much as I want to hook up with the show again, I think I have to pass.

(did I just say hook up and pass in one sentence. Anak ng ewan. Ano yun? Dine-date ko na yung television show? Adeek ka ba?)

And oh yeah, did I just say that staying in hotels is cool if you’re with cool people (actually ako lang yung cool, nai-increase lang yung coolness factor nung mga kasama ko kasi kasama nila ako. But beybe, ish all cool). And yeah (again!), thanks guys for everything.


Woo! I love sleeping with a guy.

Before I forget one more thing, I do hope there’s a wasted signal in the room where you’ll know the person who’s going on a binge drinking have some kind of a “signal” where you’ll know that that person will be really fucked up in the morning.

And yeah, we all love incriminating evidences. =)


~ by targrod on January 18, 2009.

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