Of the spitz #

I haven’t been doing any work-worthy stuff today. Despite me having a sixty-hour estimate, I still am doing nothing. Well, practically I’m just plurking the whole morning due to some un-fun times. But it’s okay.

You may call me apathetic (I’m more of a pathetic though), but its okay.

I didn’t have any interests with Obama’s inauguration. I don’t know why. The clearest thing that I can think of is that are we really dependent to these Americans? Or mental colonialism is jut kicking in? I don’t know. You can’t blame me on anything. I didn’t even really follow much of the presidential wars. The democratic candidate race was more exciting.

One of the probable reasons why I didn’t care, it was too un-climactic for me.

Though, I still read the speech made by Obama. It was your usual speech full of hope. I just don’t want to say that this man is great… for now. Give me three years and let us see if he can really do something for America and then I’d probably talk. (and I didn’t even listen to his speech kasi hindi ako interested in some ways.)

And since this is the case, I’m shutting my mouth for any Obama related reactions.

Would we be like this when local elections come? Would we have the same care as what some or most of us are doing? I do hope so. I think we should focus first on ourselves before checking out of the box.

I know that U.S. affects us greatly especially when it comes to technology and imported products and they also affect the worldwide economic problem but it would be nice too if we check ours first.

It is not too late as most of us are always complaining.


(whoo. Teka lang. This is getting way too serious for me. I’m not here to do any debates as I won’t even try to answer one. Wala lang. I’m clearing things out on the top of my head. Pero kasi kung hopeful na ang U.S., dapat tayo din hopeful sa kahit ano diba? It won’t kill us if hope for the best palagi despite what’s happening in our country today. We just have to open our eyes and honestly, there are other countries na may nangyayari pang mas worse sa atin sa totoo lang.)

(There’s Atlantis na lumubog na sa Bermuda Triangle. And there’s Sodom and Gomorrah na gumuho kasi ang cute ng mga tao dun. Letmesee, ayun… then there’s the Philippines. O diba third naman tayo, so oks pa din!)

(Tingnan nyo na lang ang presyo ng gas. Bumaba na. Sana sumunod na din yung mga ibang nagtaas which is malabo kasi shrewd tayo e. Boo.)

(Yeah. Sayang oras lang…)


Yeah. I’m skeptic. So sue me.

~ by targrod on January 23, 2009.

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