Of the Subic #

Last year, Tagaytay road trip was our thing and for this year, it probably is Subic.

I’ve always and will always love road trips.

There is probably one thing that wouldn’t be ok for me… being a driver. Though, I would like to drive road trips in the future too. As long as I drive using manual transmission and the music would be Overdrive over and over and over and over and over again.

(Patitochini!!!! Ginataang suso ng kabayo… ha? Ano daw? Na mix up ko na ang prologue ng Overdrive.)

Anyhoo, I love those kinds of trips because I enjoy watching the scenery and nature. That’s why I’ve always wanted to be near the window whenever there’s a trip. You wouldn’t know what you’d see.

Example of it are: a man peeing, a dog peeing, a horse peeing, a man peeing again, a goat peeing, and probably a cow peeing.

And it is truly exciting to see that kind of scenery.

Now, if you’ve seen the third or second Final Destination (the one with the highway scene. It is probably the second installment of Final Destination), we’ve almost had that same opportunity when we drove to Subic last weekend. I didn’t know that tires of trucks would blow and create an exhilarating approach in life.

Isn’t it nice when your driver is a lady and you’d tell her, “Let’s do it again” (err… parang ang sagwang pakinggan. Bwahahaha.)

Anyhoo again, we passed by this new route to Subic; probably around 80 to 90 kilometers long. I think it’s called NCTEX? Or KOTEX? Either of the two I suppose. The scenery was great. You get to pass by natives and the view is really breathtaking (in my own eyes of course, mababaw lang naman ang kaligayahan ko.) Oh, and I’m not referring to the natives when I say breathtaking. If they are dementors then they still aren’t breathtaking but soultaking. Hehe.

(Oh, we’ve passed by monkeys too. I love wild… life.)

Now, Subic is probably one of the sinful places I’ve been lately, next to St. Francis. I didn’t know that Royal Duty Free would really empty your pockets. Thank God my E.Q. is high and I wasn’t able to spend much… and no, no chocolates for ya’ all… sorry.

And yeah, after that we dropped by in Clark and all I can say is that place looks depressing, I’m referring to the “Duty Free” stores in that area as SM Clark’s area is different.

Woo. I wanna go back. Hot Air Balloons!


(Mga kababawan ko lang itetch.)


~ by targrod on January 25, 2009.

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