Of the concierto #

Wow. The E-heads are back this year. I know. I know. This is a week late for that E-heads news. I’m updated with this even before the press release.


5000 for a VIP ticket. Yes, 5000 thousand… errrr… 5000 bucks.

But why? I think I know the answer for this one, but still… c’mon guys. 5000. Really?

The next would be 3000 and I think there’s a 1500 or 1300 and an 800.

And they’ll be doing this one in MOA.

I think I’ll be eating the words I’ve posted a while back. “Kahit 5000 yan manonood pa din ako. Bwahahaha.”

(Pero madrama lang ako. Forever. Tsaka mahirap lang ako. Donations are officially accepted este acceptable from… 3… 2… 1… ayan. ok na.)


I think I’m going to watch Fall Out Boy alone. But I’m not keen on watching it in front. The uber far seat costs 500 bucks only and I think that price is enough… for me. I like that band but I’m not a die-hard fan. I have a great feeling that fan girls would fill the seats and I’d rather be away from the high-pitched screams.

I’m still thinking about it though. Pedestrians (as my cono friend termed it. Bwahahaha) or jologs might be in the same spot as I am and I really hate rowdy teenagers. How can you enjoy a concert if jack-asses are near you?

(pero that’s just me. Maarte kasi ako. It’s either sa harap ako or hindi na lang ako manonood at magmumukmok na lang ako.)

(Pero drama ko lang ito at yung mga pinagsasabi kong experience… never happened. Papansin kasi ako.)


My cousin’s girl recently had a baby and her name’s Denden and I texted my mom that the girl was able to give birth to a girl.

Moi: Pumu2k na daw panubigan ni dondon.

Mama: Den2. Cge keep me updated.

Moi: Ganun din yun. Dingdong.

Mama: Denden nga, tange.

Congrats Adrian for a bouncing baby girl!


(wala bang appropriate term talaga for girls? Kasi diba pag sa boys bouncing boy, e pag sa girl? Gulong girl? Parang kanta yan ni Ne-yo a… gulong girl… hahaha. hang korni.)


~ by targrod on January 26, 2009.

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