Of the microwave #

I’ve been unknowingly absent-minded lately. I don’t know why and I don’t know how. And I don’t why my head’s been on a rough lately but why this has to happen to me…

I microwaved foil.

I know this is kind of mababaw but there are certain implications for this. As all things start from small beginnings.

I might ride an Ayala Fx though I work in Ortigas.

I might give the conductor a hundred bucks and forget the change.

I might do a go on a red signal.

I might kiss a guy for real and enjoy it.

And the list goes on…

I think I need to eat some brain food. Peanuts anyone?


Two instances, I had the same problem. It goes like this. I usually do a hassle-dazzle during mornings when I go to work.

The first few hours or minutes would be just slacking off. I might watch a movie or a tv show, I might read a few chapters of a book, I might listen to rx, I might do some mail checking, and the list goes on.

I try to fix my stuff. I’ve been a clutter-head lately and I tend to leave things here and there and I really need a break from all the stuff that’s going on in my mind and just for once, clean. (pero hindi important yan ngayon. Bwahahaha. syet. Ang slob ko na.)

Then, during and after taking a bath, it all goes haywire. I instantly become the Flash and all of a sudden I’m like D.A.R.Y.L. (si daryl po ay sumikat nung dekada otsenta. Sya ay isang robot na parang si Haley Joel Osment sa A.I. Pero nung panahon kong iyan, hardcore na si daryl. Astig na siya nun.)

So, after all the fast as fast can be and after I went out of the house, I always worry one thing, did I wear undies? (hano ba naman yan chong. Hanggang dito ba naman, pinaabot mo yung problema mong yan?)

Hear me out. There are so many problems that can be encountered here. I can’t check this dilemma in public. If I go back at home and check, I might be late. And if I go to the office, the first thing that I can think of is, “anong oras ba magbubukas ang Megamall. Masakit ang walang suot na undie.”


(hanak ng eywan naman. Puro ka kalokohan. Umayos kaaaa!!!)


~ by targrod on February 1, 2009.

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