Of the Oscar2 #

So, it is safe for me to say that most of the Oscar nominated films this year (sa totoo lang nalilito pa din ako. So, duh-pat last year pa yung mga movies diba pero ngayon yung awards. Teka… wait… ayan ok na ko… wala lang churva lang) are good. I’m not just saying this because I paid attention with these movies but sumfing made me watch it.

(ok… I may be saying some spoilers here and I might not notice it so I apologize for that. Pero wala akong pakelam talaga kung ma-spoil ka. Hindi ka naman gatas na nag-kucurdle. At baka may ma-mention akong movie na hindi pala Oscar nominated, e tao lang naman ako… TAO!!! Me, this is me… you, this is you… paging Coach Jawo…)

And here’s a quick rundown of those movies I’ve really tried to catch before the awards ceremonies…

The first is In Bruges (ok. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve talked about this butt…), it is a story about hitmen and it turned out that this is more of a philosophical type of movie rather than blood and guts and isaw laden film. It is more of a non-lol type of film (pag nagcheck ka kasi sa mga sites, nakalagay dun… aaahhh… comedy pala sya), maybe I wasn’t just paying attention with the discussion of Colin Firth and the other guy. You might get bored with this one. I did. Even midgets made me yawn. I’d rather watch WWE. And probably, I just didn’t get it. Just like Burn After Reading. I really don’t care though; I have to move on with my life. (kasi TAO lang ako… megannnunnn???)

Changeling was kind of different. At first, I was really hesitant in watching it. Then, I found out that this is an Eastwood film (hooray) and eventually research more on what the movie is like and found out that this is about a woman who was made stupid by the male chauvinist police authorities and in addition (that sounds like multiplication… eh?), a kid-serial killer plot and no sexy time for Angelina Jolie and yeah… **burp** I’m just making a wild guess in this one. If you’ve seen Girl, Interrupted Jolie (na, friend ni jupot pa) and you compare her acting to this, you’d say that she probably did the same type of acting as before; but a little wee bit subdued this time. Though I thought she’ll suck in this film, she didn’t. And yeah, it is worth watching if you’re into crime-true-to-life churva films.

After her horrendous bed dance with her girl-friends; Meryll Strip (hehe… Streep yan) made a 180 degree turn in Doubt. (ganun din si Amy Adams, after her falcetto-ish-na-parang-orgasmic-voice-in-Enchanted, nag 180 degree si Amy Adams kasi hindi sya kumanta ditto. Bwahahaha. Pero tatanga tanga pa din sya dito. Kay Hoffman lang ako walang ire-react, kasi wala lang.) Doubt is not really a movie about sexuality. If you doubt that you are a guy or girl phase, this is not that kind of movie. It is more on how you believe people especially if that person is a leader of a religious group (kunwari, satanismo ka tapos nagka-doubt ka sa supremo nyo sa sect ng Satanism churva nyo. Ayan, mga ganun… good example). This is a nice film. And that last segment with the two sistahs, Adams and Strip, was very enlightening on why Strip acted that way in the movie.

Milk is a nice nice nice nice gay film. I’m not being homophobic here or such but watching Sean Penn and James Franco kiss without hesitation made me really really really uncomfortable. So, I had to rewind the dvd and watched that scene again for seven more times (kasi swerte daw ang seven, parang lucky seven… ganun…) The story is about the boom of the openly gay politicians in America. And yeah, there are more scenes that will make you OMG or squirm and yeah, that’s it. The thing is, there are really no scenes where they are in their full monty. And the funny thing is, I’ve based the movie on the guy to guy scenes (pero dun naman talaga ang takbo ng film, to make it really woah-ish). In fairness, Mr. Penn was really clapable in this film. I hope he wins an award (oh wait, he already did. SAG people… SAG. At hindi yung boobs nya ang nagsa-sag).

Lastly, Frost/Nixon is an informative movie about Nixon’s post Watergate interviews with David Frost (si frost yung pinsan ni Frosty na Snowman at pamilya nya furo Frostitutes… woohoo. Pinilit na sobra-sobra. Bwahahahaha). At first, I thought the movie will be uberly interesting but yeah, it ended up lacking. I don’t know why. It was good in the part for brushing up some presidential history. And it would be probably be better if our politicians would catch this and try to follow what Nixon did before. Admit. (pero wala e. ang kaluluwa pag nabenta na sa demonyo. Wala na. churva na.)


(yeah, pampapuno. I’m still looking for some other Oscar nominated movies. Gusto ko din yung mga foreign films pero baka matagalan pa ko… ho-hum.)


~ by targrod on February 1, 2009.

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