Of the what #

Our bitchy weather is so effin’ effed up… It was just plain woah-kay last night and today, it is starting to give us that wonderful summer feeling: where you know your perspiring ala-jabbar-ish and your singit is wet like crazy.

Or maybe it’s just me.

(hey! wet sounds like pwet… bwahahaha! And oo nga pala, if you’re eighteen and below. Don’t precede reading. Bwahahaha. Precede? Parang sa buhok, preceding hairline. Ayan, hang korni na.)

But this one is not about our wonderful global warming themed weather. It is about the F word and the B word.

What cuss word does give impact to our society? Fuck or Bitch.

Despite the more intense meaning of the F word, I still say the B word has more impact whenever it is said. Though logically, the F word should have a higher position in the cuss pyramid.

One thing that makes the F word really sucky to use nowadays is the frequent use of that word. Almost all foreign movies contain the F word. There was a documentary entitled Fuck. And even the jologs crowd uses this.

“Pakyu ka pare. Ako na ang bahalang maghatid kay Nene.”


So, basically the F word is almost a universal word. Next to Happy Birthday (pero diba naman ang Happy Birthday two words use na considered phrase or a complete sentence. Ergo, hindi na sya counted to compare with the F word kasi yung sa F word word lang. Ha? Ang contradicting na. Bwahahaha!)

Now, compared to the B word, I never hear the jologs crowd say, “Pare! Ang bitch mo naman! Tagay na ‘tol.”

It feels that the B word is more of a society based word that can be used for the higher crowd.

Maybe this is just in our society. As I hear the B word used in slums in the U.S. though they are mostly movie based as I haven’t been there. So, I’m really trying to make something here without any basis and this is purely shit.

Now wait, what about the S word?


Whoo! I’m on leave. Whee!


~ by targrod on February 2, 2009.

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