Of the oncall #

I have, probably, the suckiest life when it comes to on-call support.

On-call support: It is a stupid form of production support in my line of work wherein you have to work even on weekends. Think of us as doctors but we’re not here to save lives but to save airplane passengers and anything about the airline industry.

This is how my life goes on on-call support.

Our on-call support starts at six in the evening of Saturday. What I usually do then is to make-puyat on Friday nights and tries to extend it in the morning (not at dawn, morning… as in aga muhlach) and then sleep. Basically, I try to do stuff during that Friday night and Saturday morning which includes non-stop eating, more work-related activities, computer-related stuff such as web-surfing, MIRC-ing, or Telnet-ing, reading books authored by plato and platito (bwahahaha. ang korni), watching movies and television series and it also includes channel surfing (ooohhh! Religious channels rule), kite flying, booger counting, and police trafficking.

In short, I really try to be tirey-wirey and then when I hit the sack, I’ll practically be useless like a bag of kamote (and because I’m mahigawa too just like our trusty kamote.)

There would be two implications for this: I’d be killing my sleeping hours and then my eating hours.

But those habits wouldn’t be a factor since I won’t be thinking about that. I have to be awake for forty-eight hours straight or else (oh how I like that or else if ever it wouldn’t be a cause for me to be fired of my work.)

I have a problem with waking up using a common alarm clock or even a grandfather alarm clock. I have to sleep for at least six hours in order for the alarm clock to work. Other than that, whatever decibel-icious sound wave affects me, I would just be there, lying… on a bed of roses.

I can’t defend what I’m doing.

So, after my on-call support has ended. My body clock is effed up and I’d be wasting a few leaves before all goes back to normal. Now, that normal may just be one of my imagination because once I get back to normal, my precious on-call is just a few inches away from me.


I’d probably just be ending my first quarter and try to move on. As long as my body is still in a hardcore groove, I’d probably still stay. I’m all for the other perks (non-monetary of course).

And yeah, I’m stupid. (yeah! This feels really stupid.)


~ by targrod on February 4, 2009.

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