Of the preso #

I was toying around with the idea of our prisoners or prisoners in general (wala namang heneral na preso a. nyek nyek.) I think we, Filipinos, have the kick-ass time (well not all the time though) when it comes with being a prisoner… if you have the right resources.

Of course, looking back, we made the Internet waves quite different by having our prisoners dance to the tune of Thriller and *insert omaygad moment here* Soulja Boy (na kung sino man ang choreographer nung lintek na preso na yun, sana tubuan ka ng male sex organ sa noo at pag nakita kita. Pipitikin ko yun! Tandaan mo, pipitikin ko!)

Moving on with what I’m trying to point out. I was kind of amused with the American way of being a prisoner. Tight-locked places. Full security. And your whatnot advanced way for prisons (as I really have no idea on what a real American prison looks like. No, i’m not a fan of Prison Break and I only watch prison movies that relates with the Alcatraz.)

And since we are all laden with the age old stories and movie references of bitching in the prison “industry”, why does it seem that it is not frowned upon.

I mean it is well expected that, me for example, can surely be a bitchee since it always have been brawn in places like this. The bitcher would probably be any prisoner who weighs 111 pounds and more and should have a degree on homicidal tendencies.

We all know what happens inside the prison walls (yun kasi ang pinakikita ng mga palabas sa sinehan, so since hindi naman ako journalist, I’m basing everything on those films na nagkakaroon ng you-know-what sa loob ng preso. Arusdyosko.) We very well know what happens during mass bathing and the part where the soap falls and yeah, somebody bends over… and *eherm*.

The funny thing is after what they are doing, we can still consider them macho or that’s what they tell people and for me, it seems that that is so demeaning for them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they would just have a soirée or some sort with another all women prison facility?

Blame it on Freud’s approach to the nature of the Homo Sapien…


(buti pa talaga dito sa Pinas, hindi uso yan. Pero hindi ko din naman sigurado kung nangyayari ba yan o ano. Ganito, para maganda, dapat may mag-fund sa kin na kungsinoman and then I can make the research. I can make a screenplay out of it or even make a documentary and instill in all the hearts of all humankind that we all should have the dignity and respect…

… kahit nagpa-sex change ka.)


(napakasarap ng Thursday at walang kakwenta kwenta ang life noh? Bwahahaha)

(at shucks. walang point na naman? hehehe.)


~ by targrod on February 4, 2009.

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