Of the Rockeoke #

And I thought nothing would surprise me much these days.

Just last night, I went to Mag:net in Boni High Street to experience a new version of your usual “videoke night out”. It was entitled Rockeoke Night Out or Rockeoke (dahil ako lang naman yung nagdagdag nung Night Out. Ang panget pala pag may Night Out na sinisingit noh? Videoke Night Out. Drinking Night Out. Thesis Night Out. Lamay sa Patay Night Out.)

(I would like to thank Ate G for the libre and salamat din sa kumpanya nung mga kasama ko. Hindi ko na kayo imemention. Kilala nyo na kayo e. bwahahaha!)

So, as I’ve said this one came up different in a way. This is still your usual videoke night out… with a live band… with ninety percent rock songs that are available for singing… and with good stand-up comics as hosts.

(dyosko noh. Sawa na ko sa bakla mag-host ng mga videoke. Hindi ako against sa mga bakla, yung way lang ng pagho-host nila. Paulit-ulit e. Tsaka nakakainsulto na sa intelligence minsan. Wow yabang. Pakyu.)

So, we have two “firsts” there. It was my first time to go to Mag:net and my first time to attend an “all-rock” live band videoke challenge.

But wait there’s more.

My third “first” would be… I was able to consume two bottles of vodka cruiser. The last time I drank a bottle of it, I only drank half.

My fourth “first” is singing in a crowd where I know I would be a butt of jokes (insert insults here in any degree) but its fine. I enjoyed it. I sang Superproxy by nah… you know the band.

I should’ve sung Wannabe though. It would probably be a showstopper… literally.

(magpa-pack-up kasi yung band, etc. tsaka ang korni ng hirit ko. Blech.)

Taking out the “firsts” churva, I saw (not in particular order of course) Mitch Dulce, Quark Henares, Cris Villonco, somekinda-Valerie sumfing of some teen show in channel seven (I might be wrong with her name though) and Gabe Mercado (which is by the way, one of the nicest celebrities. He might look like he’s suplado but once you ask for an otograp, ang sabi ko kasi sa kanya “poide po bang magpa-otograp?” “ay syet ang jologs ng tanong ko” “ang favorite kong song yung mahirap maging pogi”, he gladly obliged to give me one. And he even remembered my name, which is wayyy cool.)

There is a great possibility that I’d probably be back in this place. Almost all songs rule. I heard no Aegis or some blechhy ballad and one thing I found un-cool are people who are trying to do the devil’s sign with one’s hand.

You see, the devil’s hand is simple. You just have to leave your point and ring finger straight out and the rest of the fingers would make-tiplok. If you extend your thumb, it means that you’re asking for a commercial. (sorry talaga, ang daming rock posers sa mundo ngayon and yung mga hardcore rock lovers, hindi na ginagawa yung devil’s hand na yan. Dahil dun.)


The place is kinda pricy though. So, if you want to drop by, be sure you have some ample ammunition to get by through the night.

And also, I’m officially excited with some SPIT next week. (jovan tuloy to a.)


~ by targrod on February 9, 2009.

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